Water Sleeves Chinese Dance Masterclass 水袖舞大师班简介

Sunday 12th March  2023

2:30pm – 4:00pm

In-studio (limited numbers) for dancers of intermediate level+, age 14+. Online for all levels and ages.


£20 In studio (includes water sleeves which you can keep after the masterclass)

£9 Livestream

Fascinated by the elegant water sleeves costumes of Chinese traditional operas? Why not try it out yourself for the unique experience! The new water sleeves dance masterclass is something you don’t want to miss!

In the first 45 minutes of the class, we will learn some basic techniques, body rhythm elements in Chinese classical dance and the coordination of water sleeves and body movements. In the next 45 minutes, we will learn a short choreography and perform in long sleeves provided.

In Chinese classical dance, “water sleeves” refer to an extension to the cuff of garment sleeves. The name comes from the fact that the dancers use long sleeves to create movements that remind one of flowing, whirling water. As an extension of body movements, water sleeves allow dancers to create fluid and dynamic beauty, and convey emotions more expressively.


“袖”源于华夏民族的宽衣大袖, 又在流畅的动态美的追求中加以变化, 大胆地加长与夸张,从而经过历史的演变,形成了中国戏曲服装中独具特色的“水袖”。

本次中国长袖舞大师班时长1个半小时。前45分钟将学习长袖的技法。其次,我们将加强古典舞气韵的训练。气韵(Chi Training)是中国古典舞的根,而水袖作为道具则可以帮助加强气韵的训练。后45分钟我们将学习水袖舞蹈片段,综合不同袖技的运用,感受水袖舞的潇洒。课上我们将为每位学生提供一件水袖,共同创作一个属于你自己“行云流水”的水袖舞。

Teacher bio


Hangyu Zhou is the founder of UKCPA and the examiner of the Chinese Folk Dance Grade Test Centre. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy with a BA in Classical Chinese Dance in 2011. In 2016, she worked at the China National Opera and Dance Theatre and completed a MA in Dance Studies at University of Roehampton .

She has won a silver award in the National Lotus Cup Dance Competition, a bronze award in the Dance Competition of the Five Provinces in Northern China, and a silver award in the Beijing Dance Competition.

She is a leading promoter of Chinese dance. With over 20 years of experience in dancing, teaching and choreography, she devotes herself to bringing the charm of Chinese dance to the UK and introducing Chinese dance to dance lovers all over the world.