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The Dancer Body with Emily Stephenson

Friday 20th January | 10.30-11.30


Emily Stephenson, Dance Instructor and Personal Trainer. Founder at The Dancer Body. A complete conditioning class for dancers and those wanting to advance their body training.Designed to improve stamina, strength and flexibility. The class includes high intensity work, strength and resistance training, mobility and stretching.

Body Ballet with Mariana Gomes

Wednesday 25th January | 17:00-18:00

The ballet class offered is a combination of Classical Ballet and Fitness, based on a method designed by Mariana herself. This introduction class follows the splendid Vaganova Russian method, but applied in a light, cheerful professional way.

BodyBallet has become increasingly popular around the world. Some benefits include:

1. High calorie-burning activity, which helps to lose weight or maintain weight;
2. Muscle-strengthening;
3. Work with the whole body (just like Classical Ballet);
4. Improve posture;
5. Improve breathing;
6. Refine the lines of the body;
7. Improve balance

Mat Pilates with Fabrizio Amanajas

Saturday 11th February| 10:00-11:00

Pilates is an excellent exercise for strengthening and aligning your core postural muscles, restoring your natural balance and attuning your mind to your body. It is a system that emphasises quality of movement over quantity of reps and sets. It challenges and strengthens the muscles through slower tempo contractions and placing equal importance on the concentric, isometric and eccentric portions of movements. Quite simply, Pilates will make you look, feel and move better than you ever have before!