Precision Jazz Masterclass

With Tara Memi

Masterclass info

Day: Sunday 10th December
Time: 13.00-14:30
Level: General (not suited for beginners) 
Fee: £15 in-studio


Tara Memi started dancing at the age of 3, and by the age of 10, knew she wanted to be a professional dancer. At 18 years old she landed a job working for Disneyland in Tokyo, and shortly after returning home, was hired as a Radio City Rockette.

Since then, Tara has had a 15 year career with the legendary Rockettes, achieving goals such a being a Rockette Swing, Dance Captain, and Assistant Choreographer. Tara has performed with the Rockettes on The Today ShowThe Ellen DeGeneres ShowThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Dancing With The Stars.

Tara has always loved performing, but is also a master teacher and choreographer.

Traditional Precision Dance Class description: 

Precision Jazz is your traditional jazz class put under a magnifying glass. Starting with warm-up and conditioning there will be a strong focus on spatial awareness, continuing across the floor and ending with a combo, complete with formations and formation changes.

Movement will be dissected to help dancers move as a complete unit; discussing body shapes, angles of head, and the path of the arms, etc. Styles vary from Theatre Jazz, Classic Jazz, to even Street Jazz.

Tara’s teaching style is fun and focused, with hopes that each and every dancer that takes her class will step away feeling happy, energized, and with a better understanding of what precision dance is.