Introduction to Street Dance

With Ezzy Nzewi

Course Description

If you’ve ever thought about learning street dance but didn’t know where to start then this is the course for you! Over the span of 8 weeks you will learn, from scratch, key foundational movements that appear frequently within street dance styles including: Hip-Hop, House & Popping. You will be guided in a fun/safe environment as you progress through the different stages, gaining the tools and knowledge that will be applied in a final piece of Choreography. Please dress comfortably and bring a notepad. Trainers are required.

Course Breakdown/ what you will learn:

  • Rhythm/timing, bounce, rock, groove, footwork
    – start on combining these elements
  • Continuation on combining bonce, groove, rock & footwork
    – foot work variation (levels high to low)
    – Groove separation/isolations
  • Building on the previous weeks adding body rolls and rotations
  • Intro to hip hop, house & popping foundations using the knowledge from the previous 3 weeks. Choreography / understanding and using all previous tools to enhance performance

Teacher Bio

Ezzy Nzewi is a Dancer, Choreographer, Model  & Co-Founder of PDK Entertainment.

PDK is a creative collective specializing in dance, choreography, production, styling & photography. The group work in various aspects of the creative industry spanning many forms of media from fashion & film, to live performance.

Some of Ezzy’s performance credits include: Burna Boy, Pa Salieu, SIGMA, Timanti, Izzy Bizu, Mali-Koa, LOLÉ, Channel 4’s Random acts, Paco Rabanne, Nurofen & Nike

Ezzy has a burning passion for teaching and cultivating a sense of community through dance and choreography.

Upcoming Courses

Day: Mondays

Time: 18:00-19:00

Teacher: Ezzy Nzewi

Start Date:  13th May 2024

End Date:  18th July 2024

Length: 8 weeks (break on 27/5)

Fee: £132

Please note that we are unable to offer credit or refunds for unattended classes.