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Sonya Hadari has been working with clients to release tension, rehabilitate injury and increase wellbeing for nearly a decade. She qualified through the Manchester
School of Massage and the Kore Therapy Academy, mixing the best of both Eastern and Western massage techniques. As her career has developed she has
drawn on her own experience as a performer to treat performance stress, injuries and general fatigue. She has enjoyed an association with Opera North as well as
seeing a wide variety of clients in her own private practice. She offers a range of treatments that aim to identify and gently release a whole array of physical and
emotional challenges that clients may be facing.

Specialist treatments include:

Swedish massage: The most traditional therapy I offer is a Swedish massage – a widely known and used form of manual manipulation. This is suitable as a first line
of treatment for almost any injury or complaint, or simply to de-stress and keep healthy.

Deep tissue/Neuro-release therapy: This treatment – which I am constantly developing and refining – is often beneficial for injury rehabilitation or chronic pain. My method doesn’t exclusively treat the presenting problem. I view the apparent pain or injury as, most frequently, a symptom of an underlying issue. For example, an ankle injury might be the product of a tight hamstring ligament or shoulder pain might be related to an imbalance in the hips/pelvis. I will always aim to treat the core issue first, using gentle manipulation of the soft tissue to encourage the nerves to release tension. This means that when we move on to resolve the acute
problem, the relief is long-lasting rather than temporary.

Balancing treatment: – This is a gentle but profound treatment that incorporates energy work into the massage session. It is helpful for re-establishing awareness
of the mind-body connection and enabling the client to feel more centred. Balancing treatments are also an important part of injury rehabilitation to ensure
that recovery from one problem, or even the body’s own compensatory behaviours during the period of injury, does not simply transfer tension to another part of the

Trauma Recovery: I have experience working in conjunction with other therapists to support addiction or substance abuse recovery, or to support clients during
periods of upheaval, or a dramatic change of life patterns.

Amno Fu: An ancient, oriental tradition of abdominal massage, Amno Fu relieves constipation/bloating/I.B.S. symptoms as well as promoting mental clarity and healthy sleep patterns. Because it helps with the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins, Amno Fu supports the healthy functioning of the immune system and can increase energy levels