Pointe Courses with Adela Ramirez

Pointe for Improvers – Level 2 – 4 weeks 

(You will need to bring pointe shoes for your first class)

Danceworks offers progressive ballet courses at four levels.
Level 1: Absolute beginners | Level 2: Beginners | Level 3: Improvers | Level 4: Intermediate

Improvers Pointe Course  (level 2)

Day: Thursdays

Time: 19:30-21:00

Teacher: Adela Ramirez

Start Date: 23rd June 2022

End Date: 14th July 2022

Length: 4 weeks

Fee: £66


The Improvers Pointe Course is perfect for any dancer that has had an introduction to pointe work  and feels confident to improve their range of pointe vocabulary. The course will run over a period  of ten weeks where you will be working with the same teacher and the same group of dancers.  This will create a familiar environment where your progression will be carefully monitored and will  give you the confidence to try new, more complicated enchainments. There will be a massive  focus placed on getting you to go onto pointe with less support at the barre, so that there can be  an easy transition into doing more complicated steps in centre work. 

What you can expect to learn in the Improver Pointe Course: 

Barre exercises using the vocabulary you learnt at a beginner level, but using one hand on the  barre. 

Warm up exercises for feet and ankles 

Simple relevés combinations onto pointe on two feet and on one foot 

Correct alignment of the feet and body to achieve solid balances on two feet and on one foot Improving mobility of the ankles to get onto pointe fully 

Articulation of the feet to ensure correct rolling on and off pointe on two feet and on one foot Posé combinations 


Temps lié onto pointe 

Pas de Bourree Pique 

Centre work 

Temps lié onto pointe 

Relevé combinations 

Posé combinations 

Introduction to petit tours 


It is advised that you go for a professional pointe shoe fitting at a ballet shop, where you will get a  pair of shoes that are suited to your feet. A proper fitting shoe is crucial for your training and to  avoid injuries. Clothing should be comfortable but tight enough for the teacher to check body  alignment.  

Our Ballet Courses are carefully constructed to allow you to develop your ballet skills at a suitable  pace. This will ensure that you will avoid injuries and will feel very confident to progress to a more  challenging level after the completion of the ten weeks of classes. Our team at Danceworks are all  very qualified teachers that have a massive amount of experience and will make sure that you feel  satisfied in your progression in ballet while having loads of fun

Please note that we are unable to offer credit or refunds for unattended classes.