Pointe with Mariana Gomes

Level 1 to & 2

Danceworks offers progressive ballet courses at four levels.
Level 1: Absolute beginners | Level 2: Beginners | Level 3: Improvers | Level 4: Intermediate

Absolute Beginner Pointe Course  

Starting pointe classes always seem like a daunting task to anyone that has never attempted it,  but with the right training and strengthening exercises it should be a fun and positive experience.  This is exactly what you can expect with the Danceworks Absolute Beginner Pointe course. If you  have always wanted to attempt going on pointe or have done it in your youth but is in need of a  good refresher, then this is an ideal opportunity to do so. The course will run over a period of 8 weeks, where you get to work with the same teacher and with the same group of dancers  throughout. The course is designed to build the strength in the ankles and lower legs to go onto  pointe safely and with ease. You will be carefully monitored throughout to make sure you are using  the correct muscles.  

What you can expect to learn in the Absolute Beginner pointe Course: 

All barre exercises will be done with two hands on the barre for added support. Warm up exercises for feet and ankles 

Simple relevés onto pointe on two feet 

Correct alignment of the feet and body to achieve solid balances on two feet Mobility in the ankles to be able to fully get onto pointe 

Articulation of the feet to ensure correct rolling on and off pointe 



Change of weight from one foot to another 

Temps lié onto pointe at the barre and in the centre 


It is advised that you go for a professional pointe shoe fitting at a ballet shop, where you will get a  pair of shoes that are suited to your feet. A proper fitting shoe is crucial for your training and to  avoid injuries. Clothing should be comfortable but tight enough for the teacher to check body  alignment. 

Level 2 Course

– Simple relevés- Center with arms coordinations (port de bras)
– Releves and échappés in fourth position
– Pas Suivi en tournant
– Temps lie center
– Echappé in fourth position (croise and efface)
– Assamble Soutenu
– Pas échappé en tournant
– Pas jeté fondu
– Small dance at the end
– Repertoire fragments

Introduction to pointe

Teacher: Mariana Gomez

Day: Wednesday

Dates: 3rd May- 21st June 2023

Time: 18:00-19:30

8 weeks

Fee: full price £132 / early bird £118.80 – 10% off until 31st March

Pointe Level 2

Teacher: Mariana Gomez

Day: Thursday

Dates: 6th April-25th May 2023

Time: 19:30-21:00

8 weeks

Fee: full price £132 / early bird £118.80 – 10% off until 31st March

Please note that we are unable to offer credit or refunds for unattended classes.