Frequently Asked Questions

Danceworks Studio London


What type of memberships do you offer?

Currently we offer a drop-in membership for £10 (recurring annually) which gives access to class bookings. This can be cancelled any time. Our previous membership programme has finished but new offers and packages will be introduced soon.

How can I book classes / How do I register?

You can book classes on our website or via the Danceworks App. To get access to our online booking system first you need to register online. Once completed you need to pay a £10 registration fee. This is required to be able to book and pay for the classes online. You will find our full timetable on our website link:
When registering, please ensure you set the membership start date from when you wish to start making online bookings and NOT the date you will attend the class.

Do I have to pay a registration fee?

Yes, a £10 registration fee is required to attend open classes at Danceworks. This fee gives access to our online booking system. To register an online account and pay the registration fee click here

Do you offer trial classes?

No we don’t


You can apply for a visa up to 3 months before your date of travel to the UK.

How far in advance can I book classes?

Online bookings become available 7 days in advance, for example you can book your Monday class on the Monday the previous week.

Do you still offer annual and direct debit memberships?

No, we don’t. However, if at the time of lockdown in March 2020 you held an annual or direct debit valid membership please contact the Membership Department at [email protected] for instructions on how to access your membership and online account.

How can I receive student / professional concession?

We offer discounted class rates for the full-time university students studying in the UK as well as for the Equity and Spotlight members. Please email our Membership Department at [email protected] with the following proof:

Students – any document  stating your full-time status and the date of when your course is finished (e.g. university statement, acceptance letter, enrollment confirmation or a council tax letter of student concession).

Equity – a copy of your Equity card or an email confirmation showing the expiry date
Spotlight – copy of payment receipt of your membership.

What’s the minimum age to take classes?

Most of our classes are aimed at 16+ however some of our teachers can accommodate younger students. Please check the website GIVE LINK or with Reception staff.

How do I know if the class is full?

If the booking option is missing on our website / the DanceworksUK App and there is more than 30 minutes before the class starts, it means the class is fully booked.

Please ensure you have a membership and logged into your account as this is essential to making bookings.

How’s the waiting list work?

What’s the latest I can book a class?

Online bookings close 30 minutes before the class starts. After this you may book in person at Danceworks Reception.

What’s your cancellation policy?

  • Providing at least 24 hours notice is given, if a class is cancelled via the app or via, a credit will be applied to the member’s account. 
  • Cancellations within 24 hours from class commencement will be charged in full and a credit will not be given.
  • No-shows will be charged at full price and a credit will not be given.
  • Members arriving late for class may lose their place or be refused entry.  In these circumstances a credit will be applied to the member’s account.
  • Classes and class bundles are not transferable to other persons be they Members or non-Members. 
  • Where a teacher is unable to attend their own class they will supply a cover teacher.  Refunds will not be given on that basis.
  • If for any reason a class is cancelled or does not go ahead, the Member’s account will be refunded in full.

Do I have to register again if I've already signed up with Mindbody at another business?

No, you may use your existing account to book Danceworks classes via the Mindbody app, however we recommend to use the DanceworksUK App and create a new account to access more functions.

Have your prices increased since March 2020?

Yes, but the only increase is £1 on each class. There is now a one-time fee that has been set to include what under the old system was the teacher’s fee and the daily membership fee (peak or off-peak) that you would have paid in the past.

What measures do you have in place to minimise risk of Covid 19?

Working with guidance from the UK government, Westminster Council, and the London Public Health Registrar, we have done everything we can to make Danceworks Covid secure. There will be some changes to your visit, which have been designed to minimise risk for our staff and customers.  For more information click here.

How can I request from Danceworks to remove my data?

Danceworks can deactivate your account and unsubscribe you from any email communication. However we cannot remove your data from our system. This is something the user needs to request through the Mindbody’s consumer website, for further information visit this page


Is my credit card information safe with Mindbody?

All card details are securely stored by Mindbody which is one of the industry leading softwares. They are Level 1 PCI compliant which means that they meet the credit card industry’s highest security standards. For more information visit the links below:

Mindbody Security 

Mindbody’s PCI Compliance Information 


Do you have an app?

Yes, for more information about the DanceworksUK App click here

Can I use the Mindbody App to book classes?

Yes, you may book classes with your existing Mindbody account through their own App although this has limited functions compared to the DanceworksUK App.


Error message: The change you wanted was rejected.

To be able to use book classes and make payments via Mindbody you have to enable your cookie settings within your browser, follow a step-by-step guide in this article. 

I received the message “Error occurred”, why is this?

There are a number of reasons for this, see some examples below: 

  • You are browsing in incognito mode. Please browse in normal mode. 
  • Payment was declined. Please check the article above. 
  • Third party cookies are blocked in your browser. Please refer to this article.

If the issue persists please contact [email protected].

I am trying to make payment but it doesn't go through / nothing happens, what’s the issue?

The most common reason for this is the postcode you entered does not match the one your bank has on their records. Please amend the postcode and the payment should be processed. Make sure you also check your DanceworksUK App account as this is separate from your online account (visit Profile > Edit). 

If the issue persists please email contact [email protected].

My Mindbody login doesn’t work on the DanceworksUK App. Why is that?

The Danceworks website login and the DanceworksUK App logins are separate. If you registered on the website first you will have to create a new account via the App. Please use the same email address you used for the website registration. 

If you registered on via the App first, the same details will work on the website.


I can’t book classes on the App. What’s the issue?

First, please ensure you are signed by tapping on Profile. You can’t book classes unless you are signed into your account. In addition, you need a membership in order to book classes at Danceworks, please pay the registration fee to gain access to bookings. You can do this via Membership > Memberships > Drop-In (Autopay).

If the above did not answer your questions please feel free to contact the Membership Department at [email protected] or call Danceworks Reception at 020 7629 6183

Thank you