Luke Abnett

Minimum age: 8


By appointment only

(Typically Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

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email: [email protected]

About Luke Abnett

Luke Abnett is a Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in Ballet and Dance. He mainly works with dancers to improve physical limitations which delay technique progression. Whether it’s improving flexibility, increasing turnout, or improving specific areas of dance (jump height, pointework, pirouettes..) – this is Luke’s day-to-day. Luke also helps dancers overcome issues with hypermobility or joint and muscle stiffness which make dance training harder than it needs to be.

Luke also does the typical physio job of rehabilitating injuries, advising on how much class you can still do safely, and all with a speedy return to full dance in mind. Rehab exercises. Hands on treatment. Referral for scans as require. Advice on how much class to keep doing.

Luke was the sole physiotherapist at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden for 6 years and has worked with various West End companies. Luke is also trained in Vocal Physiotherapy.

Luke has a keen interest in treating:

Vocationally training dancers

Adult dancers from professionals to hobbyists

Children dancers seeking to progress to vocational training

School holiday online conditioning classes

Luke has a keen interest in treating:

  • Ballet-experienced Physiotherapist
  • Rehabilitation programmes for dance injuries
  • Facility improvement through hands on therapies and exercise routines
  • Vocal Physiotherapy for singers