Frances Collier

Training, Therapy & Injury Management and Prevention through Fascia Release, Joint Centering, Movement Coaching, Yoga, NLP


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About Frances:
We all are born to move both mindfully AND bodyfully! The creator of Bodylistics®, Frances Collier has developed a very personal and bespoke approach that uniquely integrates all aspects of life and individual circumstances. Her focal point lies on breaking patterns and habits, leading to efficient and long-lasting improvement, and most importantly igniting spark and movement-health-passion again. With over three decades of teaching the logistics, the mechanics, the linguistics and the artistics of the body, Frances thrives on guiding you to a pain-free, joy-filled movement life. Amalgamating a unique wealth of experience in respected movement practices, somatic fascia therapy, functional anatomy, hands-on dissection courses, abdominal-visceral therapy, dynamic yoga and neurolinguistic programming NLP which are deeply complemented by her knowledge as a professional dancer, performer,trainer, coach, life-lover, mentor and therapist to high-profile actors and sports people.
Having graduated as a professional dancer at Rambert School in London in 1994, Frances spent two decades dancing with full time repertory companies in Europe and as a freelance artist in London. Her professional experience covers performing a wide range of ballet, contemporary and musical repertory as well as being rehearsal director and choreographer on various projects whilst having studied and built a thorough on-and-off-stage-understanding when it comes to injury management and prevention.

 Injury Mentoring for physical, mental and soul-based niggles
 Bodywork and Physical Consultancy
 Movement Coaching
 NLP for Bodies
 Somatic Integration
Frances is your industry-insider Injury Mentor who specialises in working with professional performers, artists and sports people as well as helping active people from all walks of life. She has over three decades of experience in providing in-person as well as on-line injury management and prevention, movement coaching, training and physical consultancy for individual dancers and performers as well as famous Movie and West End theatre productions. She is the founder of Bodylistics® – your Online Movement Pharmacy® (, a platform created specifically for helping injured dancers and performers not only get back to full recovery but to maintain full health throughout their movement life, both during and post career.

Professionally supported mentoring and coaching for injured dancers, performers, athletes and all active movers. Especially when you are not sure where to go next with your recovery process – both injury or career and lifestyle wise- we can explore your options together in session and help you figure out how to best address your issue. We will be taking your whole being and circumstances into consideration, to find solutions together. And if it means you will be transitioning into a different chapter because of an injury, our sessions can
act as a triage go-to-place where we can explore the best ways of helping you facilitate your new new. You can come for one-off 1-2-1 sessions or chose to be accompanied over a continuous phase with physical, emotional and practical presence. You will be offered a space where you can be fully heard and understood in finding the most helpful and supportive recovery plan tailored to the needs
of your body, mind, soul and heart.

Unique benefits of bespoke Injury Mentoring:
 Translating MRI’s into a language you can fully understand if surgery
is involved
 Support the grieving process that can come with a transition due to
 Connect to your whole self during the phase of injury
 Experience your injured phase as a growing and healing process