Alain Zakeossian

Certified Rolfer®

Rolfing® Structural Integration

Fees: 80-min session: £90

(First session offer: £80)

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email: [email protected]

phone: 07930 333 207

About Alain 
Alain is a Certified Rolfer® certified from the European Rolfing® Association in Munich and The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in the United States. He practices Rolfing Structural Integration (‘Rolfing’).
He specialises in structural integration, postural alignment, fascia release, injury prevention, chronic tensions caused by fascial strains and deviations from structural balance. Through Rolfing therapy Alain promotes comfortable posture and ease of movement and functionality.
Alain is a calm, relaxed and considerate therapist who possesses the knowledge, sensitivity and skills necessary to respond to the needs of each individual.

About Rolfing
Rolfing Structural Integration is a system of physical manipulations and education which aims at improving posture and movement by re-establishing adequate tonicity and spatial relationships of the body’s connective tissues. It is achieved through purposeful mobilisation and release of the fascia network.

What Alain’s clients say:
Alain has an incredible knowledge of the human body. He is very caring, empathetic and intuitive. He has helped me with persistent pain that I had been getting from a car accident several years ago. I tried many different treatments before coming to Alain and had no lasting relief. Since starting Rolfing, I have been feeling consistently better each session. After the 7th session, for the first time in many years, I had absolutely no neck pain at the end of my working day! I highly recommend Alain not only because he is very skilled but also because he genuinely cares. Mary (Therapist, London)

Alain is an exceptionally sensitive and caring Rolfing therapist. In one session he had highlighted the cause of my pain and his technique had already given relief, as well as educating me on practical tools I could apply to help my condition. He has a natural gift of understanding the imperfections of the physical form and works subtly with you to re align re balance and relieve pain. I cannot recommend him enough not only as a therapist but as a very charming warm and calm energy. Tracey (Yoga teacher, London)

I restore instruments for a living for which I have to sit still and bend over many at a time. Playing the violin in my free time is not helping. During my Rolfing session with Alain he observed several twists and bends in my body which explain various problems I have been struggling with for years. With this awareness and the work he did on the tense tissues I can incorporate the new knowledge into my everyday life which helps me a lot. Thanks Alain! Anja (West London)