Russian Ballet Masterclass with Mariana Gomes


Minimum age: 16

DATE: Sunday 30th June

TIME: 16:00-17:30

LEVEL:  Intermediate+ In studio 

All levels welcome online

FEE: In studio: £18, Online: £9


Class Description

Mariana’s masterclass  is a Bolshoi Ballet experience, enriched by her extensive training  from a Russian institute and as a teacher of the Vaganova method. Under the direction of Svetlana Aderkhaeva (a direct student of Ulanova who learned from Vaganova herself) mariana has perfected her teaching approach. She combines the rigorous insights of the Bolshoi Ballet with a fun, adaptive style that accommodates any physical condition. Mariana brings musicality, joy, and precise corrections to help you understand how to turn and jump. Often, the secret to mastering a movement lies not in physical strength but in how you engage with the music and which parts of your body you activate. Each class is meticulously structured with a clear goal, making every session a unique learning experience. Mariana prepares her classes in advance, ensuring that each one feels like part of beautifully choreographed show where every combination is a piece of art. With 17 years of experience in Moscow, Mariana shares her vast knowledge and inspiring teaching, making her class a captivating journey into the world of the Russian Bolshoi Ballet.


After seeing Mariana Gomes dance at the Bolshoi’s School in Brazil, legendary dancer Vladimir Vasiliev recommended her to the Bolshoi Theater Ballet Company. After a year’s internship, Alexei Ratmansky offered her a contract and she became the first Brazilian dancer to join the famed company. She studied pedagogy in classical dance – the Vaganova Method at the Russian Theatre Institute (2009-2013). In 2022 she received the title of Consul of Dance, Official Member of the International Dance Council–UNESCO. Mariana is based in the UK where she has been recognized by the Arts Council as a dancer and teacher of Exceptional Global Talent.