Terms and Conditions
– Danceworks membership terms & conditions


Upon entering to the Danceworks premises the Member (regardless of Membership category) accepts the Terms & Conditions of Membership at Danceworks, and agrees to comply with them at all times on the Danceworks premises.

Membership terms & conditions

The membership agreement is made between ‘the Proprietors’ (hereinafter referred to as Danceworks) and the ‘Member’ (Member being defined as a person who finds themselves on the aforementioned premises situated at 16 Balderton Street, London W1K 6TN for any reason, and/or has registered with Danceworks for the purpose of participating in the activities provided by Danceworks). The Member understands and agrees to be bound by these Terms & Conditions and every clause herein stated, as they exist, and any amendments to them which are publicised to the Members from time to time. Admittance to the aforementioned premises for any reason is at the sole discretion of Danceworks staff or representatives, and the Member must declare the purpose of their visit to a member of staff prior to going beyond the designated Reception area. This agreement may be changed or amended at the sole discretion of Danceworks without notice to the individual Member.

  1. Memberships are not transferable or refundable. The Member agrees to accept any refusal by Danceworks, or a representative thereof, to allow the Member entry onto the aforementioned premises, or any stipulated location whereby Danceworks is conducting or representing any activity under the name or in association with the registered name and/or logo of Danceworks and acknowledges that acceptance of any application, continuation or renewal of Membership is at Danceworks’ sole discretion.
  2. All Members are required be registered at reception into the Danceworks data system on their initial visit. Photographs and email addresses are required. Membership cards must be produced for inspection when entering the building on each and every visit and the member agrees to return/relinquish the Membership card on expiry of the Membership
  3. There are two ways to pay for the standard Full Membership which are valid for 12 months:
    1. Annual Membership: If the Member has paid in advance for the Annual Membership in full at the outset, the membership will run its natural course of one full year. Once Full Membership has expired the Member’s entrance into the Danceworks premises will be subject to current daily rates.
    2. Ongoing Membership: If the Member has agreed to take advantage of the Danceworks Direct Debit* scheme by signed agreement it is understood that a minimum of 12 consecutive monthly instalments must be made. Should the member request early termination of their Membership, the balance owed (equivalent to the remaining unpaid monthly instalments) is due immediately. The Member also agrees that the direct debit agreement will continue after the initial 12 month period until the Member cancels the direct debit instruction at their bank. THE MEMBER MUST ALSO SEND CONFIRMATION OF THIS BY EMAIL TO MEMBERSHIP@DANCEWORKS.NET The Member may continue to use the facilities only up to and including the date at which membership fees are paid up to. The membership is subject to pro-rata calculations with specific regard to the commencement and termination of the membership, allowing the initial & final months to be accurately calculated to include any and all days the Membership is valid regardless of whether or not the Member makes use of the Membership. PLEASE NOTE: It is the sole responsibility of the member to cancel the direct debit instructions at their bank.

When joining on-line you have the right to cancel in writing within 14 days of payment. All Direct Debit memberships purchased prior to 1st September 2013 must give a calendar month written notice when cancelling their membership.

* Direct Debit Guarantee

This Guarantee is offered by all participating banks. The efficiency and security of the Scheme is monitored and protected by your own bank. If the amounts to be paid vary or the payment dates vary, Mont Meru Ltd T/A Danceworks will notify you ten working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If an error is made by Mont Meru T/A Danceworks you are guaranteed a full & immediate refund by your bank.

  1. Class places are subject to availability and teacher or management discretion.
  2. Class fees must be paid either directly to the teacher or at Reception as applicable, prior to the commencement of the class. On joining Danceworks members automatically become members of the associations displayed on our website/poster boards.
  3. While Danceworks attempts to notify of changes on the website in advance, nonetheless the class timetable and prices may be changed from time to time without prior notice, and classes may also be cancelled completely or taught by guest teachers without prior notice and without compensation.
  4. A fee will be charged to replace membership cards. This fee will be displayed at the Danceworks reception.
  5. A maximum total of three months per calendar year is available for suspension of the Membership. Suspension is only valid for the following reasons:
    A serious medical condition. Documentation will be required and Danceworks’ reserves the right to judge the definition of ‘serious’ in this context.
    Pregnancy, whereby a maximum of 6 months suspension is available to the member.
    The right to suspend the Membership is at the sole discretion of Danceworks, and Danceworks need give no reason for refusing any request for suspension of any Membership.
  6. The Member agrees to accept and adhere to any and all reasonable requests made by Danceworks staff and/or representatives whilst on the Danceworks premises. The Member agrees to indemnify Danceworks, their propriety, staff and/or representatives, individual or otherwise, of any claims to financial remuneration as a result of injury (physical, emotional or otherwise), loss of or damage to personal belongings and/or actions deemed as neglectful whilst on the Danceworks premises or whilst participating in activities for or in association with Danceworks.
  7. It is the member’s responsibility to inform the teacher of any injuries prior to the class. If injury occurs within the Danceworks premises the member is requested to notify a member of staff .
  8. Where possible Danceworks staff will endeavour to advise members upon request as to appropriate classes but Danceworks cannot be held responsible for incorrect or unsatisfactory advice. It remains the responsibility of the member to choose the appropriate level and genre of the class he or she wishes to attend.
  9. It is not permitted to enter the studios before the time of the class booked in for unless specific permission given on the day by a Danceworks manager.
  10. Danceworks provides an area for stretching/warming up in the basement member’s lounge. It is not permitted to use any other common parts to change/stretch etc as these need to be kept clear at all times for health and safety.
  11. To ensure a smooth transition between classes/studio users, members must be ready to leave the studio with their belongings punctually at the end of the class.
  12. Personal belongings must be kept with the member at all times and taken into the studio and not left unattended in which case they will be removed. Lockers and storage are not available.
  13. Danceworks has a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of abuse of staff, teachers and Members. Aggression and other inappropriate forms of behaviour are unacceptable and could lead to a ban from Danceworks.
  14. No drinks other than water, and no food are allowed into the studios for classes.
  15. No products such as deodorant/hairspray/creams etc are to be used in the studio. The mats provided are to be used when warming up/stretching on vinyl floors to protect their integrity.
  16. Children regularly use Danceworks studios and hirers and members are expected to be mindful of this in their conduct.
  17. No alcohol/drugs or chewing gum may be brought into or consumed on the premises at any time. It is not permitted to smoke or eat on the steps outside the premises.
  18. Danceworks accepts no liability for loss or damage of property occurring on the premises whether occasioned by negligence or howsoever otherwise arising.
  19. Classes may be filmed or photographed for promotional purposes across all its platforms.
  20. Danceworks reserves the right to eject and subsequently ban any Member at their discretion.