– frequently asked questions about the visa programme

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Danceworks International Dance Visa Programme?

Since 1982, Danceworks has been providing a friendly and inclusive environment for all forms of dance and fitness of the highest quality.

Danceworks attracts renowned teachers from across the UK and internationally, with a wealth of experience and teaching expertise. Many are working professionals in the dance and entertainment industry We also hold regular Masterclasses and Workshops taught by top companies, dancers and choreographers.

We are located in the centre of London, providing the opportunity for our participant’s to experience all that city life has to offer, whilst being in one of the dance capital’s of the world.

Do I need to have previous dance experience?

No you do not need to have any experience with dance. We will tailor the programme to your level and have a variety of beginners classes which you can take as part of the programme.

Please let us know your level on application and we will propose a schedule of classes for you.

Do I need to be from outside the EU to apply for this programme?

No, EU and British citizens are also very welcome to join the Danceworks IDVP. As such, you will not need to meet the visa requirement criteria in order to apply.

What is a short-term study visa?

A short-term study visa is designed for those who are studying in the UK for up to 6 months. The cost of the visa is NOT included in the programme fees.

This visa cannot be extended and you must be able to support yourself throughout without working or needing to apply for public funds.

You can apply for a visa up to 3 months before your date of travel to the UK.

Can I extend the programme once I am in the UK?

No, due to the visa conditions, you must have the correct visa for the length of time you originally plan and therefore the course cannot be extended for those applying outside the EU.

For those inside the EU, who do not require a visa to study in the UK, the programme can be extended at any time.

I am already in the UK on another visa- can I switch to a short-term study visa with your programme?

No, unfortunately you cannot apply for a short-term study visa if you are already in the UK on another visa. If you wish to join the programme, you must apply for the visa in your country of citizenship.

What about housing and insurance?

Please check our Useful Information page, for all the details regarding housing and insurance.

Are scholarships available for the IDVP?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any scholarships on the programme.

I cannot speak English, am I still able to attend?

Yes, we can arrange interpreters for an additional fee.

Also, if you would like to take English lessons alongside your dance studies, we can recommend local language schools in the area.