Mental Health Self-Care Workshop for Dancers at Danceworks London

Mental health workshop at Danceworks
Mental health workshop for #dancers

About the Workshop

Where: Danceworks, London, Mayfair

When: Sunday, 5th April 2020

Time: 13:30 – 15:30

Price: £20

There are no handouts, so please bring writing material if you wish to take notes.

Mental Health Self-Care Workshop for Dancers

This interactive workshop is a proactive way to help dancers understand themselves and to be able to develop mental fitness and emotional strength, building a resilience to sustain a longer, healthier career in dance.  There is no physical exercise involved in this workshop and it is not group therapy.  Minimum age is 13 and is aimed at student and professional dancers, parents of dancers, dance teachers and physical therapists who specialise in treating dancers.

Terry will talk about exam, audition and performance anxiety and explore the triggers of your own experiences, along with the emotional affects of injury and rejection.  In addition, Terry will explain some of the main symptoms of anxiety, depression, eating disorders and the personality traits of dancers, which could be detrimental if not picked up on early.  For example, ‘black and white’ thinking and obsessiveness.  Breathing and relaxation techniques will also be shown and well as demonstrations on how we can use our minds in a more positive way.

About Terry Hyde

Terry started dancing at age 6, won a 5 year scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dance afterwards attending the Royal Ballet Upper School, joining the Royal Ballet at age 18.  He then joined London’s Festival Ballet (now ENB) as a soloist, performed in musicals in London’s West End, in Film and on TV.

On retiring from performing, Terry set up a Business Manager for people in show business.  On selling the business 15 years later, he retrained as a psychotherapist attaining a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy & Healing Practice validated by Middlesex University in 2012.

Terry combined his two passions, dance and psychotherapy, when he set up in 2017.  He wanted to help dancers with their emotional and mental health issues.  Having had a career as a dancer, Terry has a great understanding of the needs of dancers’ mental health issues.

Terry presents interactive Mental Health Self-Care Workshops for Dancers. These proactive workshops are to help support dancers’ mental wellbeing teaching them resilience and how to be mentally fit and emotionally strong.


For me, it was so amazing that Terry had been a dancer as he was able to fully understand what I was going through and being able to apply the therapy from a dancer’s perspective made the process so much more reassuring as Terry already understood the pressure of the dance world and how that can affect you as a person. It made me feel less alone. Terry has helped me immensely.