Pirouettes, Jumps & Turns Masterclass with Isabella Mcguire Mayes

Advanced and professional ballet classes with Isabella McGuire Mayes at Danceworks in London


WHERE: Danceworks, London, Mayfair – Studio 11.

WHEN: Tuesday, 24th of December 2019.

TIME: 13:00 – 15:00

PRICE: £17 no concessions.

LEVEL: Open to intermediate and advanced dancers



This masterclass will be focusing on improving your pirouettes and jumps. There’s a lot more to turns and jumps than people think. Through many hours of practice I improved these things for myself and now I’m here to share it with you! Just a change in how you think about a movement can dramatically improve it.

We will start with a barre and then centre exercises will be focusing on pirouettes and allegro, whilst discussing the fundamentals of each movement in a fun, encouraging and inspiring atmosphere!


Isabella trained at The Royal Ballet School and then became the first British girl to join the Vaganova Ballet Academy in Saint Petersburg Russia at 15 where she studied for 4 years. She joined the Mikhailovsky Ballet in Russia as a soloist and later danced with Eifman Ballet.

She has performed in many theatres around the world including the Royal Opera House and the Mariinsky Theatre. Isabella is currently a freelance dancer and teacher giving group and private lessons in London. She loves pushing everyone to their limits and making sure everyone gets something out of her classes. Attention to detail is her forté.

Ballet masterclass with Isabella
Ballet masterclass with Isabella