Christina Mittelmaier
– Principal Teacher at Danceworks Ballet Academy in London

Christina Mittelmaier, Principal Teacher at Danceworks Ballet Academy in Central London

Christina started her ballet training at the age of six and soon after her training as a gymnast. She became a champion in Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics and was twice named “Athlete of the Year” (1985 & 1986).

After winning a national scholarship, Christina studied for three years at the State School of Dance in Athens, Greece. She was taught by renowned ballet masters of the Vaganova technique, such as Gesh Mihov, Gallina Bokoeva and Moriana Risova.

While she was still dancing in classical and contemporary dance productions, touring in Greece, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria, Christina was asked to be the choreographer and coach of the National Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Team of Cyprus. Christina coached and accompanied the athletes in many International Games, culminating in the Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992.

In 1995 Christina was awarded a national scholarship to join Ballet Austin. She taught for the Academy of Ballet Austin and performed with the Ballet Austin Company, in such well known classics as Don Quixote, Nutcracker, Swan Lake and others.

Over the years, Christina has been continuously expanding her expertise with ballet teaching workshops led by leading people in the field such as Gretchen Ward Warren of the USF in the US and Pilates courses with great instructors like David Katz in London.

Since moving to London in 2001, Christina had taken the position as Head of Ballet at D&B School of Performing Arts, where she taught for nine years ballet and body conditioning. Furthermore, she taught at Morley College and Birkbeck College and since 2006 has been teaching open classes at Danceworks at all levels, as well as offering one-to-one coaching, helping dancers prepare for auditions, international competitions and solo roles. Christina is also a Company teacher for the International Arts Collective and a faculty member of the Danceworks Ballet Academy.

Christina’s varied experience as a dancer, teacher and coach plays a major part in her teaching, making her classes particularly dynamic and inspiring. While artistic expression is a main feature in her approach, she always makes correct technique a priority to help students dance injury-free. Christina also studied Classics at the Open University and was awarded her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2010.

Christina Mittelmaier faculty academy