Our Unique International Ballet Curriculum

What is the Academy Curriculum?

Danceworks Ballet Academy uses the International Ballet Curriculum (IBC) developed by Kim White. The International Ballet Curriculum© (IBC), an International syllabus that brings the best of several methods of classical ballet from schools such as Vaganova, Balanchine, Cecchetti and more. This programme requires an ongoing commitment to excellence from the students and at the same time addresses the talents and potential of the whole child through the study of ballet and performing arts. Our teachers’ goals go beyond the classroom, guiding students towards the path to a professional career not only from regular training, but by building professional contacts through guest teachers and artists. We help to ensure that every child will be given the opportunity to fully utilise their talents, therefore enabling them to excel to a higher level. IBC provides an increased ability to stay focused and to think critically and creatively.

On a regular basis, students have the opportunity to set goals and discover the strategies for achieving them. IBC prepares students to be more physically fit, artistically sensitive and intelligent, and culturally aware, allowing the artist within to emerge. They learn to give and receive criticism in a respectful and constructive way, and learn the value of physical honesty. The sense of excellence that results gives students the tools to be successful, not only in the arts, but beyond the classroom. We do not feel that examinations are a necessary path to a dance career or a love of dance. Students will receive certification of completion of an IBC course at the end of the year.

The International Ballet Curriculum© is non-exam based and is the foundation work taught by Nan Klinger, who was the only teacher permitted by George Balanchine to watch and notate his classes and teaching methods over the course of several years. This also gave her access to classes taught by Jerome Robbins, John Taras, Peter Martins and others. She dedicated her 50+ years of teaching to the study of various methods of classical ballet training throughout the world; enabling her to adopt the best teaching techniques and ways to implement them to young students. The IBC offers superior training for young students who aspire to become professional ballet dancers as well as those who wish to enrich their lives through rigorous artistic endeavour. Our mission is to give every student a positive experience built on a solid classical foundation in dance while developing individual artistic expression, musicality and performance skills.

Why our curriculum is non-exam based?

The International Ballet Curriculum, (IBC) is a non-exam based syllabus. The combination of excellence in technique and performing are at the heart of our mission.

By giving our students a large vocabulary in classical ballet in the studio and performance opportunities affords them the courage, integrity and character required to perform on the stage in public.

Our teachers continually monitor and assess the progress of each individual student throughout the year, so although the students are not formally examined through expensive and unnecessary ballet examinations, their improvement is regularly evaluated, and is of great importance to our Academy.

Our students also understand that adjudicating is from their audience – it’s a living test.

Danceworks Ballet Academy International Ballet Curriculum

Children educated in the IBC system of training possess a knowledge and awareness of ballet that is exceptional. They are sure to succeed in today’s dance world.
Pamela Pribisco
Faculty, Steps on Broadway, NYC
Jacobs Pillow
Metropolitan Opera
Ballet Mistress
Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Young dancers would benefit to look into DANCEWORKS, IBC classes to ensure rapid progress towards a professional dance career and importantly, a strong focus on performance skills.
Dr. Margaret Carlson
Producing Artistic Director, Verb Ballets
Ed.D Durham University UK
Former Dean of Dance, Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts
Former Director, School of Dance, University of Akron
Former Principal Dancer, The Cleveland Ballet

Every level challenges and develops students physically, mentally and artistically. Classes focus on layering exact movements and positions to ensure that students develop perfect ballet technique. Performing helps develop an integral part of the IBC training.

Teacher training instruction starts in the classroom with the youngest students. It is a set curriculum and also a philosophy of learning the basics through a series of building blocks that progress through time, which can be demonstrated in the two week course.

The IBC offers certificates for teachers as well as students in conjunction with Danceworks, Mayfair. It is a non-exam based programme, therefore giving the love of dance to all children of mixed ability and economic means.

If interested please contact: Katie Bretherick at [email protected].

I worked a few years alongside Kim White and I could see the quality of her work and the progress of the students with the IBC classes. She transmits the values of this art with love and respect, and with a limitless passion.
Gérald Durand
Artistic Director and Choreographer, Sundora & Dgendu
Principal dancer: Bejart Ballet, Basel Ballet, Monte Carlo Ballet

The DBA International Ballet Curriculum gives students the training to reach the demands of today’s classical ballet dancer, developing a clean technique to the maximum whilst instilling the love and joy of dance with performing skills.
Brigitte Gauci Borda Principal and Director of Brigitte Gauci Borda School of Dance, Malta
Artistic Director of Malta Dance Theatre
Dance Consultant of Pjazzia Teatru Rjal, Valletta Malta
Local representative of the IBC in Malta

I took over as Director of the school in Switzerland founded by Kim White. Her students were trained with the IBC training method and all of them had excellent technical skills with an amazing joy of dancing.
Florence Faure
Principal Dancer, Bejart Ballet
White Nights, film with Mikhail Baryshnikov
Director of Atelier.le.loft Danse-études, Vevey, Switzerland