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Children’s and young adults’ ballet classes in London

Danceworks Ballet Academy is founded on the belief that the arts have a unique power to motivate and engage young children to achieve excellence. Our focus is to identify and develop young talent to work towards the highest level of classical ballet formation and to enable those who want to enter into a professional career in any of the various forms of dance or theatre arts. Our goal is to nurture students in the classical art form while combining professional performing opportunities, sparking the artist within to emerge as well as building a life-long appreciation of the arts. Danceworks has always been committed to providing the highest quality ballet and dance courses for adults of all levels. We are now proud to introduce the highest calibre of classical ballet training to young children and teenagers – both boys and girls.

The Ballet Academy has given me the most amazing experience. I have the best time with the best teachers, training, friends and of course, the most wonderful chance for me to express my love for ballet.
Raphaela, 12

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