COVID-19 Measures
– For everyone’s protection

What will you experience in the building & classes?

  • There will be fewer open classes on offer with gaps between and a queuing system to facilitate social distancing entering and leaving studios. 
  • Some class times will have changed. The timetable will be increased as we see how the measures are working.
  • Studio capacity/class numbers will be reduced to comply with social distancing and studio floors and barres will be marked.
  • You should arrive shortly before class and will be asked to wait at a social distance in reception or outside the building before entering the studio
  • Arrive dressed ready to dance. Changing rooms/showers will not be in use other than toilets and hand washing. (It is likely that you will need to queue at a social distance to use the facilities. It is prohibited to use the cubicles as a changing room.)
  • Please bring only essential minimal baggage/personal belongings.
  • You will need to keep all your belongings with you and take them into the studio and store against studio walls not touching the next persons.
  • You may find that your teacher has modified their usual class content to take into account Covid measures.
  • You will need to leave the building directly after class. The lounge will be closed and there will be no stretching areas available.
  • Staff will be wearing appropriate PPE.
  • Hand sanitisers are conveniently positioned throughout the building.
  • Masks must be worn by everyone in all areas outside the studios.
  • You may wear a mask in class if you choose. It is compulsory in some classes.
  • You may not bring any food or drinks other than water with you into the building and water fountains will be out of use. Water will be available to purchase at reception.
  • We will not provide mats* and our recommendation is that you bring your own if you wish to use one in class. Our normal rule to use mats in Studio 10 will be waived for this period (*with the exception of Pilates floor work classes where we will sanitise mats after each class).

Our team

  • Extensive staff training has been undertaken to ensure hygiene standards and health and safety protocols are maintained at all times.
  • Employees will be told to self-isolate at home if they or someone they have been in contact with are showing symptoms or have tested positive for Covid-19.
  • Staff will be provided with appropriate PPE equipment in areas where social distancing is more difficult.

What will happen in the background?

  • The building cleaned and sanitised throughout the day and deep cleaned at night.
  • All touch points sanitised after each class.
  • Attention is given to the flow of fresh air throughout the building .
  • Extractor systems and air filters refurbished.
  • Studio 10 fully refurbished.
  • Constant attention to changing government protocols.