Urban Bhangra- The Bollywood Co. classes in London

Urban Bhangra teachers at Danceworks


Urban Bhangra by The Bollywood Co.


  • Minimum age: 16
  • Level: General
  • Time: 7pm-8pm
  • Price: £7
  • Studio 3
  • Teachers: KIRAN / KUSH


Nileeka Gunawardene is a pioneer of Bollywood Dance. Her first venture, Bollywood Dance London, won her numerous awards and high praise for her efforts to bring Indian dance and culture to the cosmopolitan city of London.

Now, her company ‘The Bollywood Co.’ continues to inspire audiences through both live performance and interactive participation. The Bollywood Co. builds upon the foundations of Bollywood Dance London, with dance at the heart of its offerings, however, The Bollywood Co. additionally provides a full event theming service, giving a variety of audiences the opportunity to experience Bollywood. Having acquired her craft at The Pineapple Performing Arts School, Nileeka knows what it takes to become a professional dancer. Pineapple’s motto is ‘survival of the fittest’ and nothing could be more appropriate for Nileeka. Despite having numerous setbacks in her career, Nileeka has always overcome whatever obstacles life throws her way, and she continues to inspire her students to do the same.


Class Description

Urban Bhangra” takes the well known celebratory North Indian Folk dance, and fuses it with modern elements of Commercial dance. The soundtrack to this class combines the latest desi dance floor hits with urban remixes, and offers the chance to learn Bhangra in a more relaxed setting. This is not a pure fitness class, but a class more aimed at learning the basics of modern Bhangra. Alongside this, the class offers general movement tips to build an overall more confident ‘dance floor’ dancer.