Stuart Thomas

Jazz, Contemporary & Stretch for dance


Minimum age: 13 (Younger, if a parent/ guardian is present)

Tuesday: Jazz

  • Level: All Levels
  • Time: 19:00 – 20:00
  • Fee: £12

Thursday: Contemporary

  • Level: Beginner/All Levels
  • Time: 19:00 – 20:30
  • Fee: £13

Friday: Stretch for Dance

  • Level: All Levels
  • Time: 19:00 – 20:30
  • Fee: £13

Sunday: Contemporary

  • Level: Beginner/All Levels
  • Time: 16:00 – 17:30
  • Fee: £13

Classes will be live-streamed from the studio if you wish to join online

  • Fee: £7

Classes bookable HERE from one week ahead.

Jazz Technique class with Stuart Thomas at Danceworks in Central London


Stuart has been inspired by and explored how Martial Arts and dance integrate for over 20 years. He is a teacher of Contemporary Dance as well as second-generation Soul Jazz and his teaching follows the road of ‘old school’ to progressive styles, creating his own unique style of Martial Dance Fusion.

A London native, Stuart began his formal dance career with Union Dance Company. He was intuitively drawn into dance upon discovering that its focus on strength and grace in movement helped him decipher the anatomical machinations of the body.

In his twenties, he embarked upon a journey to train in Tai Chi, which culminated in his earning a rank of Group A Instructor from the Canton Martial Committee. He often travels between London and South China to enhance his knowledge of the technique. Stuart is now also a highly sought-after instructor of Dance and Tai Chi fist – two of the most practiced Martial Arts and Dance forms and is a specialist in Graham-based technique.

He has danced and taught in the UK, Europe, and the US and also performs in theatrical dance pieces.

Class Descriptions


Stuart’s contemporary classes are a reflection of his eclectic and varied dance history. He began his dance career on the London club scene, an element present in his classes through his raw passion for movement. His formal dance training is based on the teachings of dance legends Martha Graham, whose graceful yet rigorous floor-work is employed in the class warm-up, and Alvin Ailey, whose spirit and joy for dance permeate the final choreography that students practice at the end of each lesson.

Stretch for Dance

Stuart’s Stretch for Dance is an intense combination of stretch, flexibility, and fitness. The class will benefit dancers but is suitable for all backgrounds. Stuart is there to push you to your limits and to get everyone working hard as one! This class is designed to release the tension and explore limits of a body through dance, combat and conditioning. Bringing a body harmony through activation  of less commonly used group of muscles and elongation of those mostly used in dance and everyday life.

“I wanted to express how much I enjoy and cherish Stuart’s class. It has a perfect pace and allows me to enter a space of calm focus that is very precious to me, a sort of meditative state. Thanks to his consideration for form, I find I am able to attain a grounded state and reconnect to my body. The class flows wonderfully and truly gives me a rare sense of peace. I think Stuart is an excellent teacher, and I really appreciate him sharing his experience and clear passion for dance with us, and Danceworks for making this possible.”