Solange Dias – Samba classes in London

Solange Dias




  • Minimum age: 14
  • Level: General
  • Time: 7pm-8pm
  • Price: £10
  • Studio 5


Solange Dias is one of the world’s most highly recognised dancers and choreographers of zouk lambada. Qualified with the UK Alliance, she has been teaching and performing internationally for 15 years and has appeared numerous times on television.
A leading figure in the lambada world, she is known for her original, sensual style and the passionate energy she brings to the dance.
Solange is from Porto Seguro, Brazil, where lambada originates. She has performed and taught worldwide but, after a time in Italy, she moved to London and has been based there for the last 10 years.

 She has won both the World Lambada and Salsa Championships (lambada 1995 and salsa in 2001) and is also an experienced teacher and performer of Samba.
She is involved with many international projects and has worked with schools, theatre, film and television.
She was a performer and consultant on Strictly Dance Fever 2005 and 2006 and has appeared in many music videos including ones for Basement Jaxx, Marc Almond, Victor Manuel, Viramundo and Simply Red.

Class Description

Using a Samba, Brazilian street dance, capoeira and Brazilian-Afro base, she has created a unique program which is influenced from her hometown of Bahia and Rio. It has been very successful and popular. The combination of influences creates a beautiful flow of strength, passion and a raw native dance.

The class comprises:

– Indroduction

– Warm Up

– Intensive

– Stretching

– Cool down