Sarah Pritchard – Franklin Method in London

Danceworks New Franklin Method Class


Franklin Method®


  • Minimum age: 16
  • Level: General
  • Time: 8pm-9pm
  • Price: £8
  • Studio 10


  • Minimum age: 16
  • Level: General
  • Time: 10am-11am
  • Price: £8
  • Studio 6


I am a somatic practitioner, and as a Franklin Method® Educator and Comprehensive Pilates teacher (Alan Herdman), I offer trained expertise in mind body movement. I work both with my own clients and in Pilates Studios in London teaching Comprehensive and remedial Pilates, always with a deep mind body element. Having studied with Eric Franklin himself, as well as master teacher Morten Dithmer, I am one of the few Level 2 qualified Franklin Method® educators within the UK and remain a student of Eric Franklin.

The Franklin Method® is an amazing system and continues to teach me how to tap into the incredible wisdom contained within my own body to move with the design I have, which gives me greater freedom, ease of movement and power than I have ever experienced. It is truly transformative at every level of life and living! My only regret is that I did not find it earlier as it would have prevented many injuries I experienced in my past ‘life’ as a dancer and Classical Ballet teacher!

I have am delighted to offer weekly Franklin Method® classes for the first time at Danceworks and help you to find the magic within your own body to become a better version of you.I have the best job in the world – to empower people to move better and enjoy movement and living. My clients are committed, curious and focused on bringing positive change to their mind, body, well-being and life. If you are one of these people, regardless of motivation, body shape, or proficiency, come and join me.

Find out more about me, my training’s and approach.

Class Description

Take a different approach to movement and learn to be the master teacher of your own body?

Enjoy using your body from a place of comfort and joy?

Discover new ways to release tension in your body?

Make movement effortless, optimal and efficient?

Prevent injuries and learn healthy movement?

Enhance performance and technique in your movement discipline?

Learn techniques used by elite dancers and athletes, taught in key dance academies, sports facilities and universities in the world?

The Franklin Method® is a unique system of mental training coupled with teachings of precise movement biomechanics and dynamic imagery to deliver healthy movement, improved posture and wellbeing. It offers a deeper pathway and wisdom into the body beyond any exercise system or anatomy textbook and delivers scientifically proven results that can be experienced by any person, from any walk of life which can be applied to any form of movement.Weekly classes consist of mind body training, which will use DNI (Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery) to work on an area or areas of the body and improve movement skills be that for dancing or simply living! During the class we learn more about the body, the rhythms of the bones that drive our movement, as well as more about muscles and the fascia and their application to daily life as well as movement systems such as dance. We will use not just Eric Franklin’s renowned system of imagery to power and drive movement but also his exercises and movement sequences that can be used generally to warm the body up for the day, build strength or release tension, using the Franklin Method ® balls and bands!Curious? Come and find out more on Fridays!