Minho Jung

K-Pop & Lyrical K-Pop Dance classes in London



K-pop dance classes at #danceworks


Minimum age: 16

Wednesday: K-Pop Dance (1)

  • Level: General
  • Time: 19:00- 20:15
  • Fee: £14

Wednesday: K-Pop Dance (2)

  • Level: General
  • Time:  20:15-21:30
  • Fee: £14

Friday:  K-Pop Dance (1)

  • Level: General
  • Time: 19:00-20:15
  • Fee: £14

Friday: K-Pop Dance (2)

  • Level: General
  • Time: 20:15-21:30
  • Fee: £14

Classes bookable HERE from one week ahead.


MINHO JUNG is a professional dancer in the UK and in Korea. He graduated from the most famous dance University in KOREA: Sejong. He has worked with MAS DANCE COMPANY in London, POZ DANCE TEATRE in Seoul, and many dance academies. He has been dancing professionally for 15 years and is also a creative choreographer, contemporary dancer, Kpop dancer, and acrobatic performer.

K-Pop Class Description

K-pop is now becoming really popular all over the world. K-POP covers various styles such as Hip-hop, Jazz, Urban, Contemporary, etc. K-POP is a great way to improve your basic dance skills. The class is designed for people that are interested in K-pop dance who wish to learn basic dance through Korean pop music and want to improve their dance skills.


  • Systematic Warming up
  • Pre-warm up – First warm – Isolation
  • Music and choreography based on a K-Pop song
  • A new song every 1 or 2 weeks depending on the trending music

Goal for the class:

Minho Jung wants to make a homely environment for people who are interested in the K-pop culture, people who are new to London or even England and want to make foreign friends by dancing to Korean  pop music. London is a big city, it is hard to establish this connection without a little push and hopefully through this class, It can promote cultural exchange among you while having fun and working on themselves.