Leanne King – Jazz classes in London

Modern Jazz Teacher Leanne king at Danceworks




  • Minimum age: 18
  • Level: Beginner, General
  • Time: 7pm-8pm
  • Price: £8
  • Studio 10


  • Minimum age: 18
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Time: 7pm-8:30pm
  • Price: £10
  • Studio 10


Highly motivated and passionate about dance, Leanne teaches many high-energy classes every week including two at Danceworks, where she has been teaching beginner/general and intermediate jazz for nearly two decades. She has in the past taught at the Royal Ballet School, The Arts Educational London School, RAD and Central School of Ballet. She is currently Course Coordinator at Central School of Ballet where she also teaches Graham based contemporary technique and choreography.

Leanne started dancing at the age of three and later on in life won a grant to attend a danceschool in London, where she discovered her real love – choreography. Her first piece,Colourfever, was set to music by Pink Floyd.
Leanne has since choreographed many works over the years including pieces for schools,small dance companies and also for television and corporate events, the best of these sending her to Dubai and Sharjah to have work performed for royalty.

“I have been going to Leanne’s jazz class at Danceworks for over six years. She is a fantastic teacher who makes her classes fun. She gives corrections and encourages you to improve, but she does it in a warm and humorous manner. The staff are great, as well as the people who attend the class. Everyone has a wonderful attitude, and I always leave feeling so glad I went!” – Julie Tierney Spurr

Class Description

Beginner/General level Jazz

The class always includes floor based strengthening exercises and stretches. This is not a cardio-based warm-up but will move you enough to get the blood flowing and elevate the pulse.

These classes include a general body warm-up from head to toe. The class is conducted in parallel position and does not move into technically turned out exercises; this allows a complete beginner to approach the class safely and not cause injury. The warm-up includes isolations of the head/shoulders/ribs and hips; swings and gentle standing stretches and footwork. It is better to do this class in soft-soled shoes and not trainers as it is important that you are able to articulate and use your feet fully.

The warm-up is choreographed and is kept for a substantial amount of time, allowing complete beginners to take their time in learning and not have to worry about facing new work each week; however the general level is that the work is taught at speed!

A new routine is taught on a weekly basis and the style can vary but generally the music is jazz funk/electro-swing/speak easy jazz; quirky and often unknown tracks with the occasional pop track thrown in for good measure.

This class is for fun, we don’t take ourselves too seriously even though everyone works hard, there is always a lot of laughing and fun and the atmosphere is friendly and encouraging to all.

Intermediate Jazz

This class is technically two big jumps up from the beginner/general class and could be called Pre-Advanced. This class is for those students that have had a background in dance and already have a sound understanding of basic ballet technique. The warm-up shifts between parallel and turn-out and alongside the general head to toe warm-up and isolations I also include plie; tendu; and adage as well as parallel foot work and kicks. This class attracts all ages and levels of dancer, but it is important that a beginner should attend ballet classes before making the transition from beginner/general class to the intermediate.

The warm-up also includes floor based strengthening and stretching exercise and although not a cardio- based warm-up it will definitely push your muscles very hard indeed.

The warm-up is choreographed and is kept for a substantial amount of time and should be conducted in soft soled shoes or bare feet

The travelling work can include turns; pirouettes; kicks; jumps in any combination and these are changed on a weekly basis.

The routine will always be technically demanding and is kept and added to over a two week period. The music is jazz funk in heaps but I also go for the more lyrical tracks as they are great to include a more contemporary style to the work.

These classes are also fun and there is generally much laughing but the demands I impose on my dancers are high. Come if you are prepared to work and be rewarded!”

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