Karis Scarlette
– Classical Ballet classes in London


Classical Ballet


  • Minimum age: 16
  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: 5:30pm-7pm
  • Price: £8
  • Studio 3


  • Minimum age: 16
  • Level: Professional
  • Time: 11:30am-1pm
  • Price: £8
  • Studio 10


Starting ballet age 2, Karis has over 26 years of training and performing experience. By age 6 she was training with former Royal Ballet dancers on the Royal Opera House Chance to Dance programme and eventually went on to train at the Royal Ballet School itself. During her training Karis performed with The Royal Ballet, English National Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Karis began teaching aged 22 and has steadily built a loyal client base both here in the UK and internationally through her company En Avant Ballet and holds ballet retreats around the world.

Karis has been being featured in Tatler Magazine’s Gym Awards and she won the award for best arm and posture workout.

Classical Ballet class description


An increasingly popular way of keeping fit, classical ballet is a highly focused and fundamental form of dance with a vast amount of physical and mental benefits including full body toning, increased stamina and flexibility, core strengthening, correcting posture and alignment, improving memory, deportment and grace!

Beginner level ballet classes with former Royal Ballet trained dancer Karis Scarlette are challenging and friendly, a great way to enhance your physique, stimulate your mind and build your self confidence.


Highly musical and with an emphasis on style, upper body and strength, Karis’s advanced/ professional classes will enable you to explore your artistry, improve your technique, stamina and confidence. Renowned for creating an inspiring and positive atmosphere, classes with Karis are a great place to work on your own goals in a safe and inclusive environment. Having worked with many incredible teachers, artists and choreographers, Karis will pass on her extensive knowledge of classical ballet, music and performance through her nearly 30 year experience in dance.

This class will be accompanied by pianist Matthew Gregory.