Parisienne Touch with Jenny Stones
– Heels classes in London

Jenny Stones

Jenny Stones New Dance in heels teacher at Danceworks London


Minimum age: 16

Wednesday: Heels

  • Level: General
  • Time: 19:00-20:00pm
  • Price: £14
  • Studio 6

Saturday: Heels

  • Level: General
  • Time: 14:00-15:00pm
  • Price: £14
  • Studio 6

Classes bookable HERE from one week ahead.


Jenny Stones is the founder and creative director of Parisienne Touch, a dance entertainment company inspired by Paris, where she is from, the French Etiquette and the fashion world.

As a feminist she decided to start a new Heels class to teach how to walk and dance on heels with elegance and attitude but above all to allow everybody to be like they really want to be and to experiment things they probably wouldn’t dare to do outside.

Parisienne Touch is the class which allow you to express entirely yourself with a total freedom.

Jenny starts a dance career on different TV show in 2007 during her vocational training. Then she joins the famous French musical Romeo et Juliette, les enfants de Vérone, performing nine shows a week in front of 3500 people at the huge Parisian venue Le Palais des Congrès.

She goes on to dance in a variety of television productions, music videos, films, theatrical productions and dance companies. Passionate about the connections between art, dance and fashion, she dances for luxury designer brands Diane Von Furstenberg and Dior.

Jenny performs internationally, at huge events in Libya, Abu Dhabi and Spain and as a resident dancer at the Buddha Bar in Marrakech. She is also an avatar of Ubisoft’s video game ‘Just Dance’, in the international and Japanese versions, meaning that you can dance with Jenny on your Game console.

“The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.”

– Christian Louboutin

Class Description

The Parisienne Touch class will help to discover the modern woman inside of you. Increase your self-confidence, develop your sense of femininity and discover your inner boldness. You’ll have fun during the class learning to catwalk with attitude, strike stunning poses and perform feminine and elegant dance routines. Each week, a range of exercises will allow you to explore a hidden part of yourself and to grow in confidence, class after class.

Are you looking for a dance class where you can have fun after work? Parisienne Touch offers the perfect general dance class for all level (beginners welcomed) and all genders to release all that work-day stress. If you like dancing, the fashion world, and want to learn to walk and dance with heels with style and attitude, this class is definitely made for you. Bring your heels and join us in an expression of bold and independent femininity.