Felicity Chadwick

Contemporary Ballet


Minimum age: 13

Wednesday: Contemporary Ballet

  • Level: Adv/Pro
  • Time: 11:30 – 1:00
  • Fee: £12

Classes bookable HERE from one week ahead.


Felicity graduated in 2022 from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance where she worked with choreographers such as Ihsan Rustem, Mthuthuzeli November and Richard Alston. After graduation Felicity has been freelancing in contemporary dance and teaching. Making her west end debut In ‘The Snowman’ at the Peacock Theatre, and also working with a multiple company’s such as Dance Film Performance, Beyond Repair Entertainment and Ultimate Dance Events. She travelled over to Montreal this summer to be apart of BJM_360 with Ballet Jazz Montreal, learning from the incredible artists within the company. Most recently performing as an emerging artist for ‘Ballet Nights’, Felicity shares a passion for both performance and creation.

Teaching at Laine Theatre Arts as part of the contemporary faculty, Felicity continues to create her artistic voice with the next generation of performers. As well as covering professional open classes for Rose Alice and Stuart Winter.

Contemporary Ballet Class Description

Contemporary ballet is a fusion of traditional classical ballet techniques with contemporary and choreographic movements. This class is designed to push your boundaries physically whilst being a safe environment to explore musicality, vulnerability, and artistry. This class is designed for advanced/professional dancers.