Dance Styles at Danceworks

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Danceworks offers a wide range of classes from early to late 7 days a week. From beginners wanting to learn social dance right through to professionals continuing training, Danceworks will have a class to suit you. See below for the genres featured on our timetable, and the class levels. Danceworks staff are always happy to assist by phone, email or in person. Click on the pictures to see the styles and teachers in each category.

I did my first classes here today (Wednesday)! 13:00 ballet and 16:00 contemporary jazz. Both classes were very fast paced and challenging which was great. The teachers gave individual feed back even in busy classes. Very happy with my first experience at Dance Works!

Classes Levels Description


Classes for those new to dance. Focuses on technique fundamentals and terminology at a slow pace.

General & Elementary

Classes for those new to dance, as well as for those with dance experience looking to improve their foundation.


Class for student with previous dance training, fast paced, focusing on rhythm, style and self expression leading to challenging choreography.


Pre professional level for dancer with complete command or terminology, tecnique, rhythm and style.


For advanced and professional dances.