Classes for beginners
Dance, Ballet & Fitness for beginners

Danceworks is a dancer’s dream. One of the (if not THE) most supportive dancing environments I’ve ever been able to train in.

-Mythili Zatakia

Danceworks dance classes for beginners in Mayfair, Central London
Danceworks dance, ballet, contemporary classes, studios, academy in Mayfair, Central London

New to dance? Complete beginner? Afraid you have two-left-feet?
WAKE up the Dancer Inside You at Danceworks!

Regardless of whether you have never danced (outside of your bedroom), or have been inspired by dance shows on TV but don’t know where to start, or if you just want to learn something new and get fit doing it… Welcome to Danceworks!

You may worry that dance studios are full of perfect bodies, brilliant professionals, and that you’ll feel out of place and be looked down upon. That will not be your experience at Danceworks. We pride ourselves on being accessible to everyone from complete beginners to advanced professionals, and we provide classes for all levels. From the moment you step through our door, you will be made to feel welcome by our friendly, helpful reception team, who can advise you on the best classes to fulfil your dance and fitness aims. Come on your own, with friends or partners – we will find the right class for you.

Get started today with our selection of beginner classes below, and keep an eye out for our multi-week courses which can guide you from a complete beginner to an improver!

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.
Wayne Dyer

Monday16:00-17:30Classical Ballet BEGDmitri Gruzdev
Monday17:30-18:30PointeBEGAdela Ramirez
Monday18:00-19:00Hip Hop Basics BEGDom Simpson
Monday18:00-19:00Female Street Dance BEGSarah Stanley
Monday19:00-20:00SalsaBEG/ADVNelson Batista
Monday19:00-20:00Female Street DanceBEGSarah Stanley
Monday19:30-21:00Classical BalletBEGInga George
Monday20:00-21:30BachataBEG/GENEdgars Menikis
Tuesday13:00-14:30Classical BalletBEG Giovanna Lamboglia
Tuesday17:30-19:00Classical Ballet
Christina Mittelmaier
Tuesday18:00-19:00 Hip HopBEGBoomdiggidy
Tuesday19:00-20:00Beginners Pointe
Christina Mittelmaier
Tuesday 19:00-20:00K-pop Basics BEGHanwool Park
Classical BalletBEGPhil Comley
Wednesday17:30 – 19:00Street Dance/ Open Style ChoreographyBEGEzzy Nzewi
Wednesday18:00-19:30Musical Theatre DanceBEG/GENPhil Comley
Thursday13:00-14:30Classical BalletBEG Juan Rodriguez
Classical Ballet
BEG/IMPAdela Ramirez/"
Thursday18:00-19.00Street Dance/Open Style BEGEzzy Nzewi
Bollywood for Beginners
Absolute Bollywood
Thursday19:00-20:30 ContemporaryBEG/GENStuart Thomas
Thursday19:00-20:00SalsaBEG/INT Nelson Batista
Thursday20:00-21:00Female DancehallBEG Shelaine Prince
Friday18:00-19:00JazzBEGSarah Stanley
Friday18:00-19:00TapBEGKaia Koehler
Friday18:30-20:00Classical BalletBEGJose Alves
Friday20:00-21:00Pointe TechniqueBEG Inga George
Classical Ballet
Dmitri Gruzdev
Saturday11:30-13:00ContemporaryBEGYvonne Rossi
Saturday12:00-13:00HeelsBEGJenny Stones
Saturday12:00-13.00ShufflingBEGDom Simpson
Saturday13:00-14:00Female Street DanceBEGSarah Stanley
Horton Technique Level 1
Noa Genazzano
Saturday16:00-17:30Classical BalletBEGSusan Lucas
Sunday11:00-12:00Jazz BasicsBEG Tatiana Ferreira
Sunday11:300-13:00Graham Technique BEGBerenice Heger-Hedløy
Sunday12:00-13:00HeelsBEGTatiana Ferreira
Sunday12:00-13:00FlamencoBEGMaika Jiménez Blanco
Sunday13:00-14:30Ballet for Beginners BEGJuan Rodriguez
Sunday13:00-14:00Intro to Locking BEGNoel Rodriguez
BEGNelson Batista
Sunday15:00-16:000Commercial JazzBEGTommy Langdale
Sunday16:00-17:30ComtemporaryBEG/ALLStuart Thomas