Bollywood with Kirran Manu (Bolly Flex)


Minimum age: 16

Tuesday: Bollywood Dance

  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: 6:30-7:30
  • Price: £12
  • Online £7 (starts 4th April)


Kirran is an avid Bollywood dancer, and showcased his debut choreography at the Rangeela 2023 cultural show in London, with his act named ‘Prerna’. Combining the same styles that will be explored in the class, the piece was a success. The link to the full performance can be found here:

Bollywood For Beginners

Want a beginner-friendly class where you can channel your inner Bollywood showstopper? Then look no further! This class is open to everyone, exploring various styles including item, contemporary and South-inspired dance. Expect everything from the hot and sassy, to the slow and stripped back. The class aims to promote a relaxed environment, where you can hone your performance technique while having fun! So whether you’re a Bollywood fanatic or new to the scene. You feel more confident in your own body while dancing on Bollywood hit tracks, come along!.