Jas Aulakh

Bhangra in the Dark


Minimum age: 7+

Tuesday : Bhangra in the Dark

  • Level: General
  • Time: 18:30 – 19:30
  • Fee: £13

These classes will also be live-streamed from the studio if you wish to join online

  • Fee: £8


Jas Aulakh is a multi-award winning Bhangra Instructor, Choreographer and Dancer. Jas has trained in the art of Bhangra for over 14 years, developing her signature high-energy Bhangra style, which takes traditional Bhangra moves and gives them a modern day twist. Her wealth of Bhangra experience ranges from judging UK Bhangra competitions to bringing Bhangra to festivals, television, theatre companies and so much more. Jas started her career in Bhangra as a competitive Bhangra dancer, training at the highest level possible in the UK and winning both National (UK) and International Bhangra competitions (USA). In 2022 Jas choreographed and taught a team of dancers, who she performed alongside at the late Queens Official Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, seeing the troupe perform directly outside Buckingham palace.

Jas’ television experience includes featuring in a CBeebies episode of “What’s in your Bag?”, as well as choreographing and featuring in music videos. In 2023 she co-ordinated and performed Bhangra performances for the world famous Glastonbury Festival, supporting well known punjabi artist Bee2 and DJ Bobby Friction on stage. She has also performed and hosted Bhangra workshops for Diwali on Trafalgar square. Her portfolio of work also includes hosting Corporate Bhangra Workshops and performances for Meta, Accenture and Crowe LLP.  Jas is also a winner of ‘The Women of the Future Awards’ 2022 in the ‘Arts & Culture’ Category and a finalist for the ‘Best Dance Artist’ Category at the ‘National UK Bhangra Awards’ 2023. Jas is noted for her passion and enthusiasm for Bhangra and she loves to spread the same joy that Bhangra gives her to everyone she works with.

Class Description

Join Jas every Tuesday evening for an exhilarating Bhangra class in the Dark! Jas will be teaching a fun Bhangra routine every single week to the latest Punjabi songs, as we turn the lights off and start the neon rave for a unique Bhangra in the dark experience.

Please note: lights may be left on for teaching purposes and then turned off later in the class