Intermediate Ballet Courses ( Level 4 ) 

Danceworks offers progressive ballet courses at four levels.
Level 1: Absolute beginners | Level 2: Beginners | Level 3: Improvers | Level 4: Intermediate

Day: Friday

Time: 18.00 – 19.30

Teacher: Ludovic Ondiviela

Start Date:  7th October 2022

End Date: 9th December 2022

Length: 10 Weeks

Fee: £165


Originally from France dancer and choreographer Ludovic Ondiviela is a former dancer of The Royal Ballet. Ondiviela was born in Perpignan. Aged 11 he entered the Paris Opera Ballet School and aged 13 the Marseille Studio Ballet Colette Armand, before training at The Royal Ballet Upper School on a Prix de Lausanne scholarship.

Other awards included

  • Silver medal at the 2000 Concours International de Danse, Paris
  • Gold medal at the Roseta Mauri Competition in 2002.

In his graduation year he performed the lead role in Christopher Wheeldon’s Le Voyage and the first moment’s Principal couple in Kenneth MacMillan’s Concerto at the School’s annual matinee.

Ondiviela’s repertory with the Royal Ballet included:

  • Bronze Idol (La Bayadère),
  • Hans-Peter/Nutcracker (The Nutcracker),
  • Tom Thumb (Tales of Beatrix Potter),
  • Alain (La fille mal gardée),
  • Kolia (A Month in the Country)
  • Puck (The Dream).
  • Symphonic Variations
  • Swan Lake Pas de trois
  • Les Patineurs- Blue Boy
  • He also created principal roles in
  • Alastair Mariott’s Children of Adam
  • Wayne Macgregor”s Chroma, Infra. Limen, Carbon Life
  • Christopher Weeldon’s Alice in Wonderland

Since leaving the Royal Ballet Ludovic has choreographed

2014  – Dopamine, you make my levels go silly- Ballet Black

  • Lost-  Ballet Ireland
  • Cassandra -Royal Ballet, Royal Opera house
  • 4 times 4 -Gandini Juggling


2015 – Sliver Of Sky -Amnesty International, SW (Royal Ballet, ENB, Rambert)

  • Activia commercial directed by Jordan Scott
  • Julien David’s catwalk- Paris Fashion week
  • La Ronde (ROH rehearsal and development)

2017 – Giselle- Ballet Ireland/ Edinburgh festival

  • Insomniac Fables- Makeshift Company, Helsinki
  • untitled- Scottish Ballet (rehearsal and development)   

2018 – Huis Clos Montreux Festival (Paris Opera)

  • Systeme AI Men In Motion Coliseum 

In 2019 Ludovic has joined a 10 month drama training at the Actors Temple in London learning the Meisner technic of Acting.

Ludovic also teaches ballet and choreography classes for Enavant Ballet school in London.

Danceworks Intermediate Ballet Course is ideal for anyone that has achieved a basic understanding of ballet steps and vocabulary and has a good level of body placement. You may have already taken our Beginner’s level 2 course. At this level you will be challenged with choreography that is a little bit more complicated than a beginner level, changing body directions more frequently and building confidence to do pirouettes and more challenging allegro. A great benefit of taking this course is the familiarity of the same teacher and fellow dancers for an extended amount of time gives you the confidence to try new steps with careful guidance from your teacher and support from your peers that you may not feel in an open class.

What you can expect to learn from the Improvers Ballet course: A more complicated approach to all basic barre steps achieved at the beginner’s level with a few new additions:

• Pliés
• Battement Tendus
• Battement Degagés
• Rond de jambe a terre and en lair
• Battement Fondu
• Battement Frappé and Petit Battements
• Adage, achieving more complicated arabesque combinations to strengthen the back

• Grand Battements and Battements en cloche
• Balances on two legs and on one leg, with additional balances in bigger positions
• Relevés on two legs and on one leg
Centre work, incorporating all the steps learned at the barre:
• Centre Practice
• Adage movements
• Pirouettes en dehours fron 4th and 5th, preparations for Pirouettes en dedans.
• Basic moving steps en diagonale, including pirouette combinations with balancés.
• Petit allegro
• Medium Allegro
• Introduction to Grands Allegro, achieving separate big jumps with repetition

Our Ballet Courses are carefully constructed to allow you to develop your ballet skills at a suitable pace. This will ensure that you will avoid injuries and will feel very confident to progress to a more challenging level after the completion of the ten weeks of classes. Our teachers at Danceworks are all very qualified and they have a great deal of experience. They will make sure that you feel satisfied in your progression in ballet while enjoying every step of the journey.