Soni’s School of Garba Dance

Indian Folk Dance


Minimum age: 16

Friday: Indian Folk Dance

  • Level: All
  • Time: 19.30-20.30
  • Fee: £12



A versatile dancer trained in various different dance styles such as Kathak, Bollywood and Indian folk dancing. Has a flair for creating dance routines with a vision for inclusiveness and attention to detail. Some performances include Danced and recorded a Sufi Kathak musical video performance piece for international artist, Abi Sampa, called ‘Ghar Aa’, Performed in Channel 4’s ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ event, Danced for the ‘Queen’s Silver Jubilee’ in a piece called ’60 Colours’ at Leicester City Centre & Participated in Large scale puppetry at the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony in Leicester 2009.


SSGD was created to teach authentic Garba in a structured way via classes and workshops, to people of all backgrounds and dance abilities.

Jigar Soni started teaching authentic Garba in 1998, along with brother Suhrad Soni with the vision of preserving and promoting the traditional form of this beautiful folk dance from Gujarat. Being hugely popular in India over the last 25 years, SSGD have recently become more of a global platform as the largest Authentic Garba School, having a presence within 48 cities in 23 countries worldwide and almost 2000 students learning from them every year.

They have been awarded by numerous organisations including the UK government, where Jigar and Suhrad Soni received an award from the House of Commons for their significant contribution towards promoting Indian culture globally. Jigar Soni is also the producer and choreographer of Falguni Pathak’s Garba anthem ‘Radha Ne Shyam,’ and choreographer of Falguni Pathak’s latest anthem ‘Vasaladi.’

Certified by UNESCO, the brothers are affiliated to the International Dance Council, which has enabled them to not only produce a certified syllabus for their Garba School but also present both dance and seminars at industry and private organisations.

Class Description

Join us in embracing the vibrant spirit of Garba dance, recently honoured on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list! SSGD Europe proudly presents an opportunity for you to experience the rich cultural tradition of this captivating Indian folk dance. 

Part of the world’s largest Garba school, we invite you to immerse yourself in the rhythm and joy of this cherished art form. Discover the magic of Garba with us and embark on a journey of cultural celebration and self-expression!

The classes are taught by local SSGD instructors and will focus on understanding the rhythm of Garba music, body & spatial awareness. This is a great way to improve your balance and coordination whilst getting a full body workout!

The classes will explore movements and technique from SSGD’s core dance syllabus and you will have the option to be certified for the grade.

What is Garba? Garba is a traditional form of Indian folk dance, consisting of claps, clicks, bends and spins. It is a dance of celebration, usually performed during the Hindu festival of Navratri, and amongst other joyous occasions.

What are the benefits of attending? 

Our Garba classes are open to people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. Participants attending will enjoy fun and energetic sessions, whilst developing their movements and boosting confidence. 

Any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail [email protected]