Contemporary Contact & Ballroom

with EDIFICE Dance Theatre 

Date: Sunday 10th December 2023

Time: 1:00-2:30pm

Level: General (not suited for beginners)

Fee: £15

Our cancellation policy for any masterclass is 48 hours.  

EDIFICE Dance Theatre is a UK based dance theatre company creating works for the stage, film and immersive experiences. EDIFICE’s unique combination of ballroom and contemporary makes it different from any other company working in the UK, creating partner work that combines the speed, passion and connection of ballroom, with the fluidity, freedom and connection of contemporary dance.

EDIFICE was founded in 2015 by co-directors Harriet Waghorn and Carmine De Amicis after producing dance film ‘Edifice’ directed by Rogerio Silva. The video now has 8 million views worldwide.  From this initial success EDIFICE has toured sell out performances and teachings internationally.

EDIFICE PARTNERING CLASS taught by director Harriet Waghorn

A dynamic class  working through our hybrid practice of contemporary, ballroom and contact improvisation. The class looks to find the articulation of the spine and pelvis through actions from latin dance, and bring these principles into finding a 3-dimensional, sinuous contemporary dance language.

Our unique hybrid style gives a rare technical understanding to partnering in dance. Working with Contemporary and Ballroom principles we teach dancers how to understand, sense, support and lead other dancers.  We work to understand chains of articulation of the body, levels of weight transfer, how to create change of speed and direction in the body and how to create elasticity in connection. This is truly a unique class and an asset to any contemporary dancer


“I really enjoyed your unique approach of combining contemporary contact and ballroom. There is something quite clever, deeply explorative and satisfying in this dance hybrid. I would love to take part in any future workshops/classes” 


“This was my first ever lesson with choreography & body contact. I really loved the class, it was so clear. I thoroughly enjoyed the content, structure, pace in the non-judgemental, warm, welcoming, amazing positive energised scenario you guys created!!! Love love love!!!”

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop yesterday at The Place – I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it’s been a long time since I enjoyed a class as much as I did yesterday!  It was very inspiring to fuse the two dance styles I love in such a creative way – I left wanting more!”