Francis Angol

Contemporary African Dance


Minimum age: 16

Friday: Contemporary African Dance

  • Level: General
  • Time: 19:00 – 20:30
  • Fee: £12

Classes bookable HERE from one week ahead.


Francis is the founder and Artistic Director of Movement Angol dance, a UK based Dance Company which produces work that draws from the teachings and practices of dance from the African Diaspora and Western Contemporary dance. His work is underpinned by Somatic practice which greatly informs his teaching and performance work. Francis’ other roles are that of Somatic Movement Educator / therapist, performing artist, choreographer, and Lecturer in dance at the University of Surrey. 

Francis over the course of his career has produce works that have contributed to the enrichment of British dance culture through the production of a range of training programmes, classes, courses, and performance works, most notably he produced and curated the Flat Feet Dance Festival with the support of the South Bank Centre. 

Over the years, Francis has worked to develop a distinctive language of expression, an individual approach to dance art. Through his work, Francis enables people by creating opportunities for intercultural exchange and dialogue. He synthesises cultural traditions with contemporary norms to offer individuals a space for self-actualisation through exploration and expression. 

Francis strives to encourage change by influencing the future, through impacting the present with work that is accessible, inclusive and is physical and mentally empowering. 

His work is deeply rooted in the spirituality of the self, a way of life that taps into the unspoken rhythmic dialogue of mind and body, to form a unique cultural synthesis in movement form. The practice is a way of allowing the individual to journey through a widening field of possibilities, folding presence with existence, to allow self-expression to organically unfold. In his work he offers individuals a fresh and creative approach to engage with their body, to awaken the inner self through a dialogue of movement, rhythm, dance, imagery, and the imagination. This forms the basis of his embodied dance practice referred to as ‘Embodied Flow’

As a performer / choreographer and creative educator, Francis works to synthesise his accumulated knowledge of dance and the arts, with that of his lived experience, to help individuals bring about clarity, meaning and understanding to their mental and physical flow, through movement and dance.

A chance to engage with Movement Angol Dance Company’s distinctive language of Contemporary African dance that is underpinned by Somatic practice. An approach to Contemporary dance art that draws from the teachings and practices of dance from the African Diaspora and Western Contemporary dance.

In this class you will experience the grounding of weight and rhythm through Angol’s lucid and fluid movement dynamics. You will learn how to undulate your spine, strengthen your back, limbs and core, to lengthen your body and extend your range of movement and flexibility. 

Class Description

Focus is placed on exploring the dynamic interplay between movement, breath, weight and rhythm in relation to one’s own physicality. You will be taken through technique of style, choreography, movement meditation and breath work, all within the context of embodied flow practice.

Sessions are supported by great music to enable participants to let go, and structured to allow individuals to develop a deepened awareness of self through a journey of exploration in order to reach a place of discovery.  

Classes are taught in a friendly, embracing stress free, and non-judgemental environment, where exploration is the key to discovering one’s individual physical expression.