Contemporary with Rosalia Panepinto


Minimum age: 16

Friday: Contemporary

  • Level: General
  • Time: 5:30-7:00pm
  • Fee: £12

Classes bookable HERE from one week ahead.


Rosalia Panepinto is a New York City born Italian American dancer, performer and teacher based in London, UK. Rosalia began dancing at the age of seventeen years old, and then continued her
studies at the Joffrey Ballet School and Peridance Capezio Center in NYC. She focused her studies in ballet, modern, contemporary as well as street styles. Rosalia was an understudy with Parsons Dance Company in NYC under direction of David Parsons, during her last year of school, which led her to then dance with other modern dance companies in the city while teaching dance fitness at Dancebody after graduating from Peridance.
In 2020, Rosalia had the great pleasure in joining the Shechter II cohort of Hofesh Shechter Company, which allowed her to tour internationally with Shechter’s iconic work ‘Political Mother Unplugged’. She took part in the creation of the dance film ‘Political Mother: Final Cut’ which won many awards in film festivals including ‘Best Dance Film’ in the Cannes World Film Festival.
Rosalia was part of the creation for LIGHT: Bach Dances with Hofesh Shechter in collaboration with Royal Danish Opera that premiered in Copenhagen in 2021 and recently re-premiered in Paris at the Philharmonie de Paris early January this new year.
Rosalia has had the pleasure to assist in the re-staging of ‘Political Mother’ at The Brit School in 2022 as well as sharing everything she’s learned in her local studio in Arizona when she visits home. She has also had the privilege to study with artists in Europe including Akram Khan, Johannes Wieland and others.
Rosalia currently teaches barre classes at 3Tribes in London and is continuing her freelance journey wherever it may take her.

Class Description

This class is an opportunity to research and connect to the immense amount of energies, sensations, physical and emotional qualities that movers and performers are capable of accessing through intense physicality. We will begin with grounding breathing exercises to start from an honest place  within to allow ourselves to be open and receiving throughout the class. We will then slowly warm up the bodies through task improvisation exercises while finding a continuous flow. Then on to conditioning exercises to strengthen our bodies, as well as working on rhythmical, groovy movement to help us connect to music, and inviting our emotional expression to our movement so we can be sure to have our entire being active. The last part of class will consist of creating phrasework that uses all elements we researched in the first part of class such as different energies, groove, intense physicality, so we can put those tools to practice within structure. Rosalia seeks to share ways to access our inner child like fun to bring into our physically demanding practice while strengthening the elements that bring color and life to a performer and mover.