José Alves

Classical Ballet


Friday: Classical Ballet

  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: 18:30 – 20:00
  • Fee: £12

Sunday: Classical Ballet

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Time: 17:30 – 19:00
  • Fee: £12

“Jose is an outstanding teacher ! Precision and creative so his classes are excellent for total beginners but also people returning to dance . He always bring something new to the classes so I totally recommend this class!”         – Pri O 


Born in Brazil, José started ballet at the age of 13 at the Adalgisa Rolim Ballet School. He joined the Ballet Company of the Young (Palace of Arts) in Belo, Brazil where he remained until 2011. During this time, he was also the featured dancer in Ricky Martin’s music video, Samba.  José joined Ballet Black for the 2012/13 season and was promoted to Senior Artist in 2014. He was also one of the lead dancers in the Company’s first live stream on World Ballet Day 2017, broadcast by the BBC. He led live streamed classes for the public throughout the pandemic and is the subject of a biography, A História De Um Bailarino Incomum written by Taís Fernanda Reis published in 2021.

Class Description

Vaganova method based class

Jose’s class is focused on developing technique and artistry with a particular emphasis on placement, musicality, agility, turns and jumps.

You will start with a thorough warm-up, which includes exercises designed to increase flexibility, strength, and coordination. Jose will work on proper alignment and placement, emphasizing the development of a strong core and a stable turnout, which are essential for executing movements with precision and fluidity.

The barre work consists of classical exercises such as pliés, tendus, dégagés, and développés, all executed with attention to musicality and dynamics. Class will also incorporate complex combinations, which challenge your agility, musicality, and coordination. At the barre, Jose will focus on developing a sense of balance and control as you move through the steps.

During  center work, Jose will continue to work on alignment, balance, and control, as well as turning combinations, which challenge your technical abilities and develop your musicality. Pirouette exercises combine elements of balance and fluidity, allowing you to execute multiple turns with ease and grace.

Class will end with a cool down, consisting of gentle, ports de Brás, stretching exercises that promote flexibility and release tension. This part of the class allows you to work on flexibility and recovery after a challenging class.

Throughout the class, Jose’s goal is to challenge you while ensuring that you are executing each movement with proper alignment and placement, and with musicality and fluidity. With a strong emphasis on these fundamental principles, you will develop a solid technique and the ability to execute movements with ease and grace. Join Jose for a Vaganova method based ballet class and improve your technique, artistry, and overall dance experience.