Chinese Classical Dance – “Fan Dance”

Sunday 25th September 2022

2:30pm – 4:00pm

In-studio (limited numbers) for dancers of intermediate level+, age 14+. Online for all levels and ages.


£18 In studio

£9 Livestream

Teacher bio


Hangyu Zhou is the founder of UKCPA and the examiner of the Chinese Folk Dance Grade Test Centre. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy with a BA in Classical Chinese Dance in 2011. In 2016, she worked at the China National Opera and Dance Theatre and completed a MA in Dance Studies at University of Roehampton .

She has won a silver award in the National Lotus Cup Dance Competition, a bronze award in the Dance Competition of the Five Provinces in Northern China, and a silver award in the Beijing Dance Competition.

She is a leading promoter of Chinese dance. With over 20 years of experience in dancing, teaching and choreography, she devotes herself to bringing the charm of Chinese dance to the UK and introducing Chinese dance to dance lovers all over the world.

Class Description

In the 90 minutes of our Chinese Dance workshop, we will first learn the fundamental elements of Body Rhythm, including barre workout and some centre exercises. Like yoga, Chinese dance particularly emphasises on using breath (“Chi” or “Prana”) to drive movements. They run through nearly all the movements in Chinese classical dance.

We will also get to learn a dazzling technique in Chinese Classical Dance called “Diǎn Fān Shēn” (turning over in one spot), which is wonderful for bridging gaps between different movements and postures.

In the second half of the class, we will learn to dance with a unique prop in Chinese Dance: Long Silk Fan. The Long Silk Fan was adapted from the long sleeves (also called “water sleeves”) in traditional Chinese operas and is often used by dancers to create an ethereal effect and to convey emotions more expressively. (Props will be provided on the day)

       在 90 分钟的中国舞工作坊中,我们将首先练习中国古典舞身韵的基本元素(包含把上提沉、基本脚位、手位、腰的训练、把下地面提沉、横拧元素训练、站立摇臂组合等)。类似瑜伽,中国舞特别强调使用呼吸(“气”或“普拉纳”)来带动动作,这个要领几乎贯穿整个中国古典舞的呈现。我们还将学习‘点翻身‘的技巧。掌握这些基本元素,我们就可以跳一段中国古典舞的小组合,小剧目了!