Sunday 1st October  2023

1:00pm – 2:30pm

In-studio (limited numbers) for dancers of intermediate level+, age 14+. Online for all levels and ages.


£18 In studio

£9 Livestream

Class Description

Chinese fan dance is a graceful dance art that embodies the charm of traditional Chinese culture. Using handheld fans as props, this dance form involves a combination of flipping, waving, and twirling the fans in harmony with intricate body movements, creating a unique and
mesmerizing visual spectacle.

Here is an introduction to a Chinese fan dance class:
1. Fundamental Movements: The class begins with the mastery of basic fan techniques,
including opening, closing, flipping, and waving the fans. These foundational movements serve
as the building blocks for more advanced techniques.
2. Choreography: As students progressively become proficient in basic movements, the class
gradually introduces various fan dance choreographies. Students learn how to seamlessly
combine these fundamental movements into coherent dance performances, each with its
distinct rhythm and emotional expression.
3. Cultural Background and History: Chinese fan dance classes often provide insights into the
historical and cultural context of fan dancing, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding
of its origins and evolution. This enriches their appreciation of fan dance as an art form.
Chinese fan dance classes are open to all levels. Whether you're interested in acquiring a new
dance skill or seeking an enjoyable recreational pursuit, participating in this class offers a
unique opportunity to experience the beauty and cultural richness of China.

1. 扇舞技法学习:我们将从扇舞的基础技巧开始,包括如何正确地手持扇,飘动扇和转扇
2. 成品舞片段学习:我们将一段帅气十足的绸扇舞蹈片段,将已学习的基本动作运用到舞蹈
3. 了解文化背景:在学习舞蹈中,我们将会进一步了解每个动作的含义,与中国传统文化

Teacher bio


Hangyu Zhou is the founder of UKCPA and the examiner of the Chinese Folk Dance Grade Test Centre. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy with a BA in Classical Chinese Dance in 2011. In 2016, she worked at the China National Opera and Dance Theatre and completed a MA in Dance Studies at University of Roehampton .

She has won a silver award in the National Lotus Cup Dance Competition, a bronze award in the Dance Competition of the Five Provinces in Northern China, and a silver award in the Beijing Dance Competition.

She is a leading promoter of Chinese dance. With over 20 years of experience in dancing, teaching and choreography, she devotes herself to bringing the charm of Chinese dance to the UK and introducing Chinese dance to dance lovers all over the world.