Chinese Dance with UKCPA


Minimum age: 16

Wednesday: Chinese Dance

  • Level: All Levels
  • Time: 19:30 – 20:30
  • Price: £13
  • Start date: 8th March

Class Description

Do you  want to have an all-around experience of Chinese dance styles? Welcome to our Chinese Dance Choreography Course! This dance class is open to students of all levels and is an opportunity for dancers to broaden their experience and bring elements of Chinese dance into your own choreography.

In the first 20 mins of each session, we will learn the basic body rhythm elements of Chinese classical dance. In the next 40 mins, we will learn choreographed dance routines of different styles, including Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, Chinese Jazz, and Chinese contemporary dance.

Teacher Biography’s


Hangyu Zhou is the founder of UKCPA and the examiner of the Chinese Folk Dance Grade Test Centre. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy with a BA in Classical Chinese Dance in 2011. In 2016, she worked at the China National Opera and Dance Theatre and completed a MA in Dance Studies at University of Roehampton . She has won a silver award in the National Lotus Cup Dance Competition, a bronze award in the Dance Competition of the Five Provinces in Northern China, and a silver award in the Beijing Dance Competition. She is a leading promoter of Chinese dance. With over 20 years of experience in dancing, teaching and choreography, she devotes herself to bringing the charm of Chinese dance to the UK and introducing Chinese dance to dance lovers all over the world.

Yuefang LI

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the world of dance with Yuefang Li, an acclaimed dance choreographer who weaves tales of elegance and emotion through every movement. With a Master’s degree from the esteemed Roehampton University in London, UK, Yuefang’s artistry reaches new heights, captivating audiences with each graceful step. Yuefang’s passion for dance goes beyond her academic pursuits, she’s a certified grading teacher at the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy, a testament to her commitment to both the art and its education. Her journey as a dance choreographer is adorned with numerous masterpieces that have left audiences awe-inspired. Among her creations, the mesmerizing “The Rouge” and the captivating “Dazzling Beauty” stand as triumphant examples, having secured gold awards at the distinguished Arts Education Dance Competition. Yet, her choreographic magic doesn’t stop there! Pieces like “Wolves” and “The Flying Clouds over Yao Mountain” have also earned well-deserved silver awards at the same competition. Yuefang beckons you to step into a world where dance becomes a language of the soul. Through her artistry, she invites you to experience the profound emotions and stories that dance can convey. Join her on this enchanting journey and discover the transformative power of movement under her guidance.


Hsing Ya WU

Step into the world of dance excellence with Hsing Ya Wu, a highly skilled Chinese dancer and choreographer whose teaching prowess is nothing short of inspiring. With a rich background in leading classes at prestigious institutions, including the UK China Performing Arts, Pineapple Dance Studios, Cloud Gate Dance Studio, National Taiwan University, and more, Hsing Ya Wu brings a world of experience right to your feet. But her talents extend far beyond the classroom. Hsing Ya Wu’s artistic journey has taken her to esteemed locations like the Cité internationale des arts in Paris (France), The American Dance Festival (USA), and The Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan), where she has honed her craft as a choreographer. Backed by recognition from Arts Council England (UK) and the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Ministry of Culture, Taipei Culture Foundation, Hsing Ya Wu’s artistic endeavors have been supported by an impressive 11 grants. Discover the transformative power of dance under the guidance of Hsing Ya Wu – an artist, a teacher, and a beacon of inspiration. Uncover your potential and unleash your passion as you embark on a journey of dance excellence with a true master of the art.