Chinese Dance with Joanna Zhou


Minimum age: 16

Wednesday: Chinese Dance

  • Level: General
  • Time: 19:30 – 20:30
  • Price: £13
  • Start date: 8th March

Class Description

Do you  want to have an all-around experience of Chinese dance styles? Welcome to our Chinese Dance Choreography Course! This dance class is open to students of all levels and is an opportunity for dancers to broaden their experience and bring elements of Chinese dance into your own choreography.

In the first 20 mins of each session, we will learn the basic body rhythm elements of Chinese classical dance. In the next 40 mins, we will learn choreographed dance routines of different styles, including Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, Chinese Jazz, and Chinese contemporary dance.



Hangyu Zhou is the founder of UKCPA and the examiner of the Chinese Folk Dance Grade Test Centre. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy with a BA in Classical Chinese Dance in 2011. In 2016, she worked at the China National Opera and Dance Theatre and completed a MA in Dance Studies at University of Roehampton .

She has won a silver award in the National Lotus Cup Dance Competition, a bronze award in the Dance Competition of the Five Provinces in Northern China, and a silver award in the Beijing Dance Competition.

She is a leading promoter of Chinese dance. With over 20 years of experience in dancing, teaching and choreography, she devotes herself to bringing the charm of Chinese dance to the UK and introducing Chinese dance to dance lovers all over the world.