Children’s Ballet with Olivia Rutherford


Minimum age: 6

Wednesday: Children’s Ballet

Term starts: 19th April
Half term: 31st May
Term ends: 19th July

Length: 12 weeks (excluding half term)

Teacher: Olivia Rutherford

Time: 17-18 – age 6-9

Term Fee: £144

Drop-In Fee: £12

Classes bookable HERE from one week ahead.

Class Description

In this class, your child will focus on the basics that are needed to form a strong ballet technique. The class will focus on foot work, musicality, dynamics and correct ballet positions. It is important that dancers learn, from a young age, how to gain physical strength, preventing them from injury and to build a clean technique. To end the class, there will be a fun series of exercises that are focused on movement and strength.  By doing these weekly classes, your young dancer will not only have the opportunity to express themselves in a safe space but they will also fall in love with the beauty of Ballet.


Olivia was born and brought up in the Western Cape in South Africa. She embarked on her ballet journey at a young age and later moved to Cape Town to train with Martin Schonberg.
During her training, Olivia spent hours at the barre finding and working pure technique. Olivia found passion in building strength and flexibility for her dancing. This has resulted in a strong adage which is her favorite part of a class.

During the pandemic Olivia completed her Yoga Teaching Qualification and received a certificate in nutrition.
Post pandemic Olivia Spent some time dancing in Biarritz France aswell as was apart of Ballet Cymru 2 in Wales.
She is now freelancing in London where she trains with Yolandi Moreira and Isabella McGuire.

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