Celestial Dance, Galactic Gong & Serpent Meditation Workshop

with Kwali Kumara

Workshop Information

Day: Sunday 17th September
Time: 2:00- 4:30pm (2.5 hours)

Fee: £40

About the workshop

Join Kwali for an inspiring ceremony of Kosmic Kundalini and Galactic Gongs exploring the sacred sound current in a new and exciting way.
Take a deep dive into new dimensions of self as you journey through a series of Kundalini meditations that include Kwali’s original ‘Ancient Future’ music.
Vibrate the cosmos and celebrate your existence with Ecstatic Mantra combined with sacred movement for an exhilarating spiritual experience.
This mystical practice is called ‘Celestial Dance’ a form of moving meditation that includes sacred mudras and chanting, it is designed to both soothe your spirit and stimulate your kundalini life force energy.


Sacred sound ceremony

After our physical journey through the energy centres we will then indulge in a transformational sacred sound ceremony.
You will be bathed in the healing vibrations of three Galactic Gongs and an array of Elemental Shamanic instruments, taking you on a sonic journey through the chakras. The ceremony will end with a very unique opportunity to receive Darshan from two of Kwali’s mystical Snakes. She will lead us through a Serpent Meditation to overcome any anxieties and help transform fear into love. This transmission will facilitate a deeper understanding of these sacred creatures, what they symbolise and how they heal us with their presence.


About the Serpents

Serpents have been misunderstood for many lifetimes in the western civilisation. However in other cultures they are revered as Gods or Avatars of the ancient wisdom teachings, Living embodiments of the Serpent Energy that resides within each and every one of us. In yogic philosophy serpent power is known as the Kundalini Life-force, Adi Shakti or Primal Power. Explore this phenomenon and meditate with Kwali and two of her Serpent ambassadors from her ‘Plumed Serpent Sanctuary’ of nearly forty rescued snakes. Transmute negativity and enter into a symbiosis of healing with her mystical allies. Celebrate our deep connection with Gaia in the company of her sovereign serpentine symbols of enlightenment. Everyone is welcome, particularly those who are apprehensive of serpents. During the earlier part of the session they will be safely sleeping in their basket. They will only appear at the end of the ceremony and will remain with Kwali throughout the meditation.
This will ensure that those who are feeling a little nervous about their presence can relax knowing that they will not be invited to commune physically with the serpents on this occasion. Please rest assured that Kwali holds a full license and insurance to work with her rescued reptiles in this way and she has over twenty five years experience as a loving guardian, caring for multiple unwanted serpents in her sanctuary.


Animal Safety/Care 

In anticipation of any concerns about the welfare of my beloved pets. I just want to Thank-you in advance for any concern in regards to my beautiful rescued serpents and I would like to put any unsettled minds at ease. I have been rescuing serpents for over twenty five years and currently I have 35 serpents in my sanctuary. The serpents that I am bringing to this ceremony are snakes that I have had a deep and loving connection with for over a decade and they are very comfortable travelling in their heated basket for a healing adventure from time to time.

These ceremonies are very special and occasional to help people face their fears in a calm and sacred way. I have taught kundalini yoga for over 14 years and the serpents mostly feature energetically. However sometimes they come to ceremony with me as their physical presence can be super transformative, educational and inspiring. The Darshan they impart is truly magical and has to be felt in one’s aura. There is still so much misunderstood energy around their beautiful existence, that sometimes it’s just best that their presence speaks for themselves. I have a licence, insurance and two decades worth of experience to feel 100% sure that my serpents are experiencing the highest quality of life possible whilst in captivity.

It is impossible to re-introduce serpents bred in captivity into the wild, so as a sanctuary I’m doing the best I can to give them the most fulfilling existence possible, so far from their natural home. Most of them have been rescued from toxic environments or from people who have not done their homework before acquiring one as a pet. The profits from my work go directly into supporting the sanctuary and helps me to provide them with the upmost care and attention.