Commercial C- Pop with Blooming Dance


Minimum age: 16

Wednesday: Commercial C-Pop

  • Level: General (Not suited for beginners)
  • Time: 19.30-21:00
  • Fee: £14

Class Description

Classes are a fusion of C-pop music video choreography as well as blooming dance’s own original choreography.  You will learn the songs of C-pop stars such as Jay Chou, Lay Zhang, Jackson Wang, Way-V, Liu Yuxin, THE9 etc. Classes not only cover Commercial and Jazz Funk styles but can also be multi-disciplinary and incorporate Lyrical, Hip Hop, Heels and much more.

Classes are tailored for all levels of dance while being beginner friendly, each class is broken down into warm-up, foundation training and then the choreography.

 The song for each class will be shared in advance before your class.

Trainers are the recommended footwear unless notified, they encourage everyone to dress in a way they are the most comfortable with.

Company Biography

Blooming Dance London is a dance company founded in 2021, taught by a team of experienced and passionate instructors.

Blooming Dance  believe in the beauty of diversity and cultural exchange, and dance is an art form that communicates that effectively.  Chinese pop music (C-pop) is rich in history and culture which they hope to share by using C-pop music as the theme of their dance classes.

Dance is a universal language that brings people together, join Blooming Dance and discover the joy of dance while exploring Chinese culture!

Teacher Biography’s


C-pop instructor at Blooming Dance.

Lydia’s dance journey began in high school when she was trained in Commercial, Choreography and Waacking. With 6 years of teaching and crew-leading experience, Lydia’s university years were marked by her commitment to K-pop dance instruction. Moreover, Lydia participated in and directed numerous dance competitions around the world.