Bollywood Dance Classes at Danceworks

No one in London offers such varied and wonderful Bollywood teachers and classes as Danceworks.

Bollywood dance is a wonderful blend of all Indian dance styles including classical Indian, folk Indian and often now R&B and hip hop fusion.  Bollywood dance is firmly part of the current Western mainstream in music and films and is in the forefront of dance in London.

It is unique, vibrant, exciting and a fabulous way to improve your musicality and fitness. At Danceworks we have Bollywood classes for all levels from beginners upwards with four of the best companies in the UK.

absolute_bollywood class at Danceworks

Bollybhangra Fusion (with Fidpal)

  • Monday 6-7pm, £7, Beginner/Improvers Level

Classes are led by Fidpal, dancer, actor and singer. 

Absolute Bollywood was founded by Indian dance innovator Jennie Jethwani, and strives to make Bollywood and Indian dance more accessible in the UK. Their highly acclaimed dance group has performed at events internationally.  

“BollyBhangra Fusion is a dance class combining flavours of Bollywood dance and Bhangra (folk dance), and includes other styles such as street, jazz and hip hop. In this hour-long drop in session, you can get into shape, try out a new dance style, or learn more about Asian culture, all amidst a fun and high energy workout!”

bolly_flex classes at Danceworks

Bolly Flex Bollywood Class (with Naz Choudhury)

  • Wednesday 8-9pm, £8, General Level

Classes are led by celebrity dance specialist Naz Choudhury and the Bolly Flex dancers. 

Naz Choudhury is a British Bollywood Dance Specialist, show producer and artistic director from East London. He is internationally acclaimed for creating and performing projects and for bringing Bollywood to Strictly Come Dancing for the first time.

“This is a fast paced class with many professional level routines. Every month you will learn a set piece and performance technique as well as a variety of styles and depth into the world of Bollywood dance. This class is suited for improvers and aspiring professional dancers.”   

London School Bollywood classes at Danceworks

Bollywood Classes (with Shiva Raichandani)

  • Monday 8-9.30pm, £10, Intermediate/Advanced Level
  • Thursday 6-7pm, £7, General Level

The London School of Bollywood (LSB) is innovative with a commitment towards diversity, inclusion and creativity. LSB featured on Britain’s Got Talent, with a ground breaking routine on gender equality.

Praz, the Director of LSB, has gathered an extraordinary range of experiences both in style and clients with a dance foundation, built on Kathak and Bharatanatyam then Bhangra, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Street. This diversity of styles combined with his enthusiasm for innovation has resulted in a unique style of dance.

The London School of Bollywood are renowned for a sharp and slick style which incorporates the vibrancy, energy and impact of Bollywood dance. In these classes you will be taught exciting Bollywood routines to hit songs across a wide range of styles. We provide a positive and enthusiastic environment to ensure students from all levels are able to learn in the best way possible. Our instructors have accumulated decades of experience and will go through each move clearly and at pace to ensure you are absorbing all that Bollywood dance has to offer.”  

the_bollywood Company classes at Danceworks

Urban Bhangra class (with Kiran & Kush) 

  • Wednesday 7-8pm, £7, General Level

Bollywood class (with Nileeka & Priyanka

  • Thursday 7-8pm, £7, Beginner Level

Nileeka Gunawardene is a pioneer of Bollywood Dance. Her first venture, Bollywood Dance London, won her numerous awards and high praise for her efforts to bring Indian dance and culture to the cosmopolitan city of London.

Nileeka has been a resident Bollywood Dance Instructor at Danceworks for several years, recommended by The Daily Mirror as the place to go for a 5* Bollywood Dance experience.

This Thursday class is the perfect introductory class for those new to Bollywood, as well as offering something fresh each week to those with prior dance experience. The ‘drop in’ format is designed to help you relax, increase your fitness levels and build your confidence within the hour; you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve!. If you have been invited to an Indian wedding, or if you are even preparing for your own, this dance class offers a fab opportunity to brush up on all those signature dance floor moves!”

“Urban Bhangra” takes the well known celebratory North Indian Folk dance, and fuses it with modern elements of Commercial dance. The soundtrack to this class combines the latest desi dance floor hits with urban remixes, and offers the chance to learn Bhangra in a more relaxed setting. This is not a pure fitness class, but a class more aimed at learning the basics of modern Bhangra. Alongside this, the class offers general movement tips to build an overall more confident ‘dance floor’ dancer.