Bollywood with Bollyred


Minimum age: 16

Saturday: Bollywood

  • Level: All
  • Time: 14.30-16:00
  • Fee: £14

Class Description

Bollywood is a treasure of diverse flavors and we want to bring all of them to you. Our three instructors specializing in different styles will bring Bollywood in all its forms. Our sessions will encompass Bhangra, Garba, Kuthu, and Semi Classical in perfect blend with Bollywood in its traditional and commercial form making sure there is never a dull moment. Our goal is to ensure you dazzle and experience advancement in your dance abilities while having a lot of fun. Every week, we’ll introduce fresh choreography, infused with detailed technical insights and musical interpretation, all delivered in an engaging and rejuvenating manner. Each session will starts with a dynamic warm-up, learning a few techniques and then jumping on to choreography. The song for each session is released one week in advance on our Instagram page @bollyred_uk.


Aanchal Gupta: Under the leadership of Aanchal Gupta, BollyRed stands at the forefront of Bollywood fusion dance, skillfully blending India’s rich dance traditions with the dynamic flair of Bollywood. Founded in 2016, the company reflects Aanchal’s deep-rooted passion for dance, a journey that began at the age of 7 and led her through professional training in Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, Garba, and the Latin dances Salsa and Bachata in California, USA. Aanchal’s pivot from a four-year stint as a Software Engineer to a full-time dance career marked a significant leap, propelling her onto stages and competitions across the globe, including the European Latin Championship. Her commitment has fostered the growth of BollyRed, guiding it through over 100 performances in the UK, Germany, France, and Mumbai over seven years, and mentoring numerous dancers in their artistic pursuits. With over a decade of performing and teaching experience, Aanchal believes in the transformative power of dance that drives her to create a welcoming and empowering environment in her sessions, aiming to uplift every participant.

We are proud to have two more instructors along with Aanchal Gupta joining the Danceworks- BollyRed instructors family.

Maana Prince: With dance training spanning over 20 years, Manna is professionally trained in Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, and Mohiniyattam along with Bollywood, Bhangra, and Kuthu.
Her love for Bollywood made her join BollyRed and since then she has expanded her spectrum in modern fusion choreographies and is excited to bring all her dance knowledge and experience to Danceworks.

Sameeksha: Began her Bharatanatyam journey at the age of 4 and completed her Alankar Pratham in India. She was Dance +3 top 6, India’s Got Talent season 5 semi-finalist, and also holds the Limca Book of Records for dancing for 60 minutes on inverted mud pots with lit candles. She has performed in over 500 stage shows around the globe and at prestigious award shows. Sameeksha joined Bollyred in 2022 and ever since has been training and performing with them. She is super excited to bring all her experience and semi-classical choreographies to the Danceworks fam.

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