10 Week- Beginner Pointe Course

About the course

Minimum age: 16

Where: Danceworks, London, Mayfair

When: From 30th September 2021- for 10 weeks

Time: 19.30-21:00

What to expect?

The Beginner Pointe Course is aimed at students with at least 6 months previous experience in ballet who would like to develop their dance skills on pointe shoes. No prior pointe work experience is required.

You will perform slow exercises on pointe by the barre to warm up and gain strength and then will move to the centre. The course will cover the strength, balance, posture, alignment of the feet, legs and body. Adela will make exercises simple to ensure students who are complete beginners are doing them correctly. You can bring ballet or demi pointe shoes to the class where Adela will teach you as a professional how to properly put pointe shoes on. We also recommend to bring a toecup or piece of tights to cover the toes as well as an elastic or thera band for exercises before putting pointe shoes on.



About Adela Ramirez

Adela is a Ballet dancer with over 27 years of professional experience at the highest level.  Dance, Yoga and Gyrotonic teacher with proven experience.  With my knowledge and experience I both help dancers looking to progress in the industry become reliable and successful  professionals and also inspire students with enjoyable and technically  proficient lessons. By teaching I share my love of the art form and convey how ballet and dance can truly be an expression of the soul.