Yolandi Moreira

Ballet and PBT


Saturday: Progressing  Ballet Technique (PBT)

  • Level: All levels
  • Time: 12:00 – 13:00
  • Fee: £14

Saturday: Classical Ballet

  • Level: Improver
  • Time: 13:00 – 14:30
  • Fee: £14

Classes bookable HERE from one week ahead.


South African born Yolandi started her ballet training at age four. From age twelve she was taught  by Martin Schonberg’s Ballet Theatre Afrikan Academy of Dance and attended the National School  of the Arts from 1996-1999. She completed her schooling at Canada’s National Ballet School in  Toronto. In 1998 Yolandi won the Prix de l’association pour de l’Opera National de Paris at the 8th  concours international De Danse de Paris. In 1999, she was a semi-finalist the the Prix de  Lausanne winning her scholarship to train in Canada. In 2001, she participated in the Helsinki  International Ballet Competition and won the South African leg of the International Cecchetti  competition. Later that year she won second prize in the international leg of the same competition  in Melbourne, Australia. She returned to Helsinki in 2005 where she was a semi-finalist at the  Helsinki International Ballet Competition.  

 In 2000, upon her return to South Africa, she joined the Ballet Theatre Afrikan Company (BTA) as  a principal dancer. Whilst with BTA she toured South Africa performing a number of principal roles  including Paquita, Aurora in the Sleeping Beauty, Grand Pas Classique as well as Odette/Odile  from in Swan Lake.  

In 2001 Yolandi became the youngest Giselle ever in South Africa when she appeared as a guest  artist with the South African Ballet Theatre (SABT). She joined SABT in April 2008 as a soloist and  made her debut with the company as Queen of the Dryads. She performed in various other soloist and principal roles during her time in the company which included roles like • Gypsy pas de deux and pas de six in La Traviata,  

  • Carmen,  
  • Romeo and Juliet  
  • Cinderella  
  • Nutcracker  
  • Principal in roles in Giselle as “Giselle”  
  • Odette Odile in Swan Lake.  

In 2011 Yolandi started her new venture as a freelance dancer and choreographer in various  festivals and corporate functions.Yolandi also became an aerial artists doing various strength and  silk acts in South Africa, Zambia and Dubai.  

Since 2012 Yolandi has focused on preparing students for entry into vocational schools, and  putting them through their dance examinations in the Cecchetti method as well as coaching in the  RAD method and rehabilitating injured dancers with intense body conditioning and floor barre  training. Yolandi has been living in London since 2017 where she was a teacher at the Danceworks  International Ballet Academy and has coached various private students for competitions, exams  and auditions. She has also received her Level 1,2 and 3 qualification in the Progressive Ballet  Technique and teaches regular PBT classes.  

Class description  

Progressing Ballet Technique(PBT)

PBT was developed to build a better understanding of ballet dancers’ techniques by using a Pilates ball. It has evolved and is now used by dancers of all genres, athletes, and even footballers to strengthen muscles, prevent and rehabilitate injuries and develop immense core strength. Yolandi’s  PBT classes are focused and intuitive. Her approach is tailored to each client’s specific needs.  Yolandi has set up a safe environment for you to obtain an in-depth understanding of the body while having loads of fun learning to utilize the Pilates ball in innovative ways. 

Please bring your own ball to class (we have limited balls available for new attendees) Electric fast pump available. Balls can be stored safely at Danceworks if preferred.

Improver Ballet Class

Yolandi’s improver class is aimed at those who have a basic understanding of ballet technique but would like to further their training by gaining extra strength, flexibility, and muscle speed. This is a safe and positive environment where an individual can feel confident enough to try new, more complicated combinations while having the freedom to express themselves artistically through dance. This is a feel-good class that will develop your dance skills and strength in order to progress to a more intermediate/advanced class.