The Art of Strength and Conditioning for Dance –

Free Workshop with James Dabbs of  “Dabbs Fitness” gym in Mayfair

Free Workshop Details:

Date: 12th November 2023

Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Location: Danceworks London 

Fee: Free Entry (places are limited so we encourage people to book in advance.  )


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‘Dabbs Fitness is a boutique performance gym based in Mayfair. Dabbs Fitness offers bespoke personal training, as well as small group training. With expert coaches and a focus on performance, they have a strong evidence based philosophy and can work with individuals to meet a variety of training goals, from sporting performance/injury prevention with the professional ballet dancers they have worked with, through to body composition improvements for the corporate individual.’

The Art of Strength and Conditioning for Dance

James Writes:

Dancing is a graceful and demanding art form that requires not only artistry and passion but also a strong and conditioned body. To achieve peak performance and longevity in a dancer’s career, an effective strength and conditioning program is essential. 

Regardless of the athlete/sport in question, strength and conditioning training typically has two primary aims: improving athletic performance and preventing injury. This article will cover both of these aims of strength and conditioning and how they specifically relate to dance. 

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